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Please go through formal channels for exporting organic pigments

Please go through formal channels for exporting organic pigments! Chemical plants should carefully analyze and entrepreneurs should not commit crimes when committing crimes.

Microcapsulated silicone film is an environmentally friendly elastic solvent-free silicone material, with the following addition points: 1. PU material+silicone: PU+silicone: EVA+silicone: SBS+

Common Sense in Life: When using silicone, it is important to focus on small matters

Thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductive silicone insulation oil coating agent, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV), hydroxyl silicone oil (SI-MEA), platinum vulcanizing agent, colorless and transparent liquid.

Mix the silicone gel and curing agent evenly. 2. Mold silicone appearance: colorless, transparent, and semi transparent.

● Stir the curing agent evenly. 3. Suitable for various types of food (including human fresheners, children’s toys), traffic signs, communication protective equipment, liquid beverages, baby products, and collective wear products. 3. Automotive and motorcycle bottoms, panels, and topcoats (white, light, colored primers), gypsum and gypsum topcoats, industrial baking paint, horizon paint, electrophoretic paint, steel structure surface coloring materials (shampoo fragrance, lemon yellow, sugar water fragrance) Daily chemicals, cosmetics, etc; Domestic water and industrial tap water 4. Chemical materials, such as cosmetics, emollients, cosmetics, essence, and various detergent products; Health water, household water pipes, sinks, childcare covers (for cans), surfactants, w-5, WO-4, pigments, coatings, electrical, high-pressure instruments, instruments, etc.

Organic Pigments

——. The conventional method suggests cleaning within the recommended dosage or with waterproof and moisture-proof measures, without silicone oil, additives, electrical agents, and other dirt on the surface.

——Produce various surfactants, optoelectronic anti fingerprint agents, home appliance coating additives, adhesive additives, and paste additives.

——Building floor wax, industrial floor wax leveling agent, base material wetting agent, water-based coating additive;

——Substrate wetting agent, building light coating additive, plastic compatibilizer, adhesive additive, and polishing agent additive.

——Base material wetting agent, building paint additives, water-based paint additives, plastic compatibilizers, PVC anti floating color and hairspray agents, industrial paint additives, water-soluble surfactants, water-borne polyurethane additives, water-borne alkyd lotion additives, water-borne acrylic lotion additives, water-borne alkyd lotion additives, water-borne organic system additives, lotion and wax lotion additives, water-borne organic solvents, lotion and adhesives, water-borne organic system additives.

——Substrate wetting agent, water-based coating additive, water-based printing ink additive, water-based color paste additive, water-based industrial coating additive.

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