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Pigment Yellow for paint
Pigment Yellow powder paint

Yellow organic pigments have different groups, such as Azo Yellow pigments, Isoindolinone yellow pigments, Quinophthalone Yellow pigments, Benzimidazole Yellow Pigments. Pigment yellow can be applied in different applications, such as ink, paint and plastics. In Ink application, Pigment Yellow 12, Pigment Yellow 13, Pigment yellow 14, Pigment Yellow 83, pigment yellow 174 are oftenly used. In paint application, Pigment Yellow 1, Pigment yellow 65, Pigment yellow 74, Pigment yellow 83, and Pigment yellow 110 are widely applied. For the plastic application, Pigment Yellow 12, Pigment yellow 14, Pigment yellow 62, Pigment yellow 83, Pigment180, Pigment Yellow 191 are largely used.