pigment red 81 for ink
Pigment Red 22
Pigment Red ink
Red Pigment for ink

Red organic pigments have different groups, such as Azo red pigments, Isoindolinone red pigments, Quinophthalone red pigments, Benzimidazole red Pigments. Pigment red can be applied in different applications, such as ink, paint and plastics. In Ink application, PR48:2, PR53:1, PR 57:1,PR81, PR 112, PR122, PR146, PR169, PR170,PR177 and PR254 are often used. In paint application,PR2, PR8, PR22, PR48:2, PR57:1, PR112, PR122,PR179 and PR 254 are widely applied. For the plastic application, PR48:1, PR48:2, PR 53:1, PR57:1, PR122,PR170, PR149, PR176 and PR254 are largely used. Red pigments offer its substrate different red views and colors and make the world more colorful.