We are professional organic pigments manufacturer in China, providing kinds of organic pigments with high light fastness, good coloring ability, good migration resistance and solvent resistance, they are widely used in automotive paints, high end plastic products and high end ink products.

Organic Pigments For Sale

Pigment Red 170
Pigment Red 169 Ink
Pigment Red 149
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Pigment Red for car paint
Pigment Red for ink
pigment red 81 for ink
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pigment yellow 180
Pigment Red ink
Red Pigment for ink
Yellow Pigment PC masterbatch
Pigment Yellow engineering plastics
Pigment Yellow paint
yellow pigment
Pigment Yellow

What are Pigments

Pigments are classified into two categories: organic pigments and inorganic pigments. Inorganic pigments are mainly oxides or some metal salts, etc., the main categories are sulfates, oxides, silicates, chromates, sand borates. The advantage of Inorganic pigments are that they have excellent light stability, thermal stability and light stability and lower in price.They are usually consumed in large quantities by downstream industries. But the disadvantages of inorganic pigments are that they don’t have many varieties and they are poor in brightness, and coloring power.

In the early twentieth century, synthetic organic pigments first appeared and the types of organic pigments are very much with 100 years development. In the dyestuff index, 800 of the registered chemical structures are organic pigments. And by adjusting the crystalline form and dosage, various types of organic pigments are sold in the market, such as: Pigment Blue 15:3, Pigment Red 112,Pigment Yellow 74, etc. Organic pigments have bright color, high tinting power, low relative density and complete chromatogram. but they are generally inferior to inorganic pigments in terms of heat resistance, weather resistance and hiding power. And with the development of organic pigment technology, the shortcomings like low heat resistance, hiding power and weather resistance have been greatly improved, so the application fields of organic pigments have been further expanded.

The History of Organic Pigments

The history of organic pigments is relatively short, they have developed rapidly, as their rich color types and good color performance can satisfy people’s color consumption needs. Azo organic pigments and naphthol AS series pigments are traditional pigment. With complete chromatogram, bright color, and low price, they are widely used in the coloring of paint, plastic and ink products. However, due to its chemical structure, the heat resistance, light resistance, and migration resistance performance are not so well. If at high temperatures, it may have adverse effects on the human body and the environment. As traditional organic pigments also have limitations in certain applications, there are more high-performance organic pigments developed. High performance organic pigments include azo condensation pigment, quinacridones, diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP), benzimidazolone pigments, anthraquinone heterocycles and other types. They can meet higher property requirements and safety requirements.

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