Organic pigments are applied in plastics and masterbatch to change the original color of plastics. There are mainly three methods for pigments to color plastics. The first is to use the pigment powder to color the plastic material directly. The second is to mix the pigment powder with plasticizers into paste to color. The third way is to mix the pigment powder with masterbatch.

To color the plastics, the organic pigments should meet three basic requirements:migration resistance, temperature resistance, and easy dispersion. There are a wide range of organic pigment items with different colors, various performance and cost efficiency. They are suitable for the use in different plastics such as PP,PE,PU,PVC,PS and ABS.,etc

Pigment Orange 73
Pigment Orange 62
Pigment Orange 36
Pigment Red 185
Pigment Red 176
Pigment red 166
Pigment Red 571
Pigment Red 53:1
Pigment Red 48:2
Pigment Red 481
Pigment Yellow 168
Pigment Yellow 154
Pigment Yellow 139
Pigment Yellow 151
Pigment Yellow 150
Pigment Yellow 97