Organic pigments are used in ink to make them more colorful. Ink is mainly composed of resin, pigment, filler, additive and solvent. To color ink,,the organic pigments should have good brightness, good gloss, low viscosity and excellent dispersibility, etc. There are a wide range of organic pigment items with different colors, various performance and cost efficiency. They are suitable for the use in different ink systems, such as water based ink, solvent based ink, UV ink, offset ink, etc

pigment red 81 for ink
Pigment Red 22
pigment yellow 180
Pigment Red ink
Red Pigment for ink
Yellow Pigment PC masterbatch
Pigment Yellow engineering plastics
Pigment Yellow paint
yellow pigment
yellow pigment masterbacth
organic pigment color
Pigment Yellow for paint
Pigment Yellow powder paint