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Organic pigment distributors with high production standards_ Longkou Kailefu OR pigment, Jiexing pigment, quotation 08- other colors.

Haolide has high production standards and color source chemical ink (IPP), focusing on high-quality comprehensive chemicals, and complying with North American policies, regulations, C decanol, saturation, and VA-8 development standards. Solvent based high ink for solvent based inks, solvent based organic pigments for varnishes, daily chemicals, production and trade agency sales of PVC cable materials, production and transportation in various industries such as healthcare, paint, and coatings.

Organic pigments have bright colors and complete chromatography; Dispersibility, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and weather resistance are widely used in plastics, paints, coatings, printing inks, color masterbatches, chemical production, paints, coatings, blow films, plastics, and fibers. High import pigment dyes with high weather resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance (250 ° C) and high purity.

It is the addition of pure impurities such as barium sulfate (BaO), barium chloride (BaO), barium sulfate (BaO), calcium carbonate (BaO), and titanium dioxide into the mixture of calcium, iron, zinc, and manganese, resulting in a high gloss of the plastic surface and excellent oil absorption in coatings and paints. 5. Coupling agents, fillers, general pigments, and high-end printing and dyeing auxiliaries.

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The dispersibility of pigments is an important indicator of their performance. Dispersion is the result of the distance and direction between pigment particles. China is a major manufacturing country with an annual sales revenue of approximately 549.9 billion US dollars for organic pigment exports. The colorful but undeniable development momentum of “iron oxide” will be the root of our momentum.

Granulation or granulation is a granulation resource that combines animal leaves as roots and fillers in 1997. At present, China has developed a solid HuaESOFTIR (functional) system that is color sealed, highly efficient insoluble powder, sprayable, liquid building or dispersing agent, and printable.

We have developed a mortar that accelerates production capacity drying, starting from soil butterfly drying and sand drying, with both processing methods. Only after early drying can the wet air remain dry for a long time, so its applicability has been determined.

Boer pigments are the main chemically synthesized products, and the application scope of their iron oxide pigments is introduced as follows.

● Coatings, paints, and adhesives: alkyd resin, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, polyamide, modified acrylic resin, silicone defoamer, latex paint, interior/exterior wall coatings, adhesive rubber, ceramic powder, and other products.

Plastic, rubber, agricultural and industrial products: For plastics such as thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics, adhesive tapes, building materials, etc., they can be used as dispersants for inner and outer protection, thermosetting plastics, etc. Resins, color masterbatches, etc. have good dispersibility.

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