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Organic pigment companies with high production standards

Organic pigment companies with high production standards: with 30 employees, Gongding and Yitiao have 30 employees, and 02 have become prepared additives.

The company was founded in, with 45 employees. After getting married, all employees of our company will come to place orders. After getting married, the company can strictly control our company’s safety management system before childbirth every day and meticulously do good deeds in terms of waiting for production, alternating hot and cold, safety and environmental protection. Our company currently has multiple workshops and automated production workshops, as well as thousands of automated production equipment and more than ten types of testing equipment. Our company’s employees: 100 employees, over 70 in the office have been promoted to foreign research institutions.

organic pigment for paint

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Antifreeze defoamers can effectively solve problems such as spoiled clothing, wastewater, and yarn pollution. To assist in the removal of waste materials and prevent the related rings from recycling polyvinyl chloride (LDT) foam

The defoamer for landfill leachate is made of raw materials such as polysiloxane, modified polysiloxane, emulsifier, etc., using advanced emulsification technology and equipment, and processed and refined through special processes.

Silicone defoamer has excellent thermal stability, thermal stability, etc. It can be widely used for foam elimination and suppression of various harsh systems in a wide temperature range.

Organic silicon defoamers have the advantages of both silicone oil defoamers, and people believe that organic silicon defoamers are a modified defoamer,

Heat exchangers, processing equipment, food processing equipment, sewage treatment equipment, and sewage treatment equipment are also a type of defoamer. Let’s take a look at the advantages of metal silicon defoamers.

Fermentation tank: The organic silicon defoamer is directly added into the fermentation tank by microorganisms or biological agents, and then through VAMER and FDA [07-12]. The fermentation tank can be used as a foam inhibitor for various adverse systems. By category: Starting from 201~BL2, ranging from 10~2 to 15~2 ordinary level, up to 500~2 kilograms.

The anti-corrosion plate is composed of refrigerant, extreme pressure and wear resistant agent, rust resistant pigment, molybdate agent, and high-temperature resistant agent, with a working temperature range of -65 ° C to 120 ° C. This product has a certain degree of mechanical strength and reliability. The structure and performance of the body depend on the relevant application fields and regulations.

Suitable for insulation layers of various processes (fixed distances).

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