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Large promotions raise hidden anxiety in the rutile titanium dioxide industry

The big promotion has lifted the hidden anxiety of the rutile titanium dioxide industry! The market of titanium dioxide industry is “increasingly competitive”.

Using the metal effect to combine two or more inorganic pigments and pigments to change the interfacial chemical reaction between different plastics or organic pigments, in order to achieve the effect of changing the heating of plastics. Organic pigments can achieve different coloring power in the form of high molecular weight dyes by changing their molecular structure. The application of dyes and their impact on coloring power are gradually added, while changing the coloring power and reducing the coloring power.

The application of organic pigments and their requirements for color strength, such as the use of their specific main corresponding, the application and application of pigments; Develop management oriented high molecular weight organic pigments that can endow products with new properties, such as pigment red, eternal orange yellow, etc. Research and develop innovative high molecular weight organic pigments to achieve more development power.

Huatie Red pigment is a pigment with good dispersibility, excellent light resistance, and weather resistance. Iron oxide red pigments are often compared to the applied grinding market, using independently innovative product designs that are more environmentally friendly.

The qualification requirements for the operating environment are as follows: firstly, within the operating temperature range of 5-10 ° C, the artificial climate is more.

The relative humidity required for the operating environment. Due to the working environment and environment of the new equipment, the water consumption should not be too high, otherwise various quality defects may occur.

Important: Iron oxide red pigments should have good performance, and other pigments cannot adsorb or only have one color. The vast majority of people can have three conditions for the final product.


Throughout history, an inorganic yellow pigment unique to humans has often appeared in the eyes of many people, and its use may play a crucial role in the performance of various chemicals and have simple uses

Colored iron oxide red pigments are used for coloring materials such as plastics, paint, printing and dyeing, ink, painting materials, roads, indicators, wood, etc. Due to its bright color, high coloring power, strong covering power, non bleeding, easy grinding, and comparison with other inorganic white pigments.

Iron oxide red, also known as rust red, is a red iron oxide powder that is resistant to light, atmospheric influences, and atmospheric influences, but its coloring power is slightly higher than that of iron sulfate. In addition, iron oxide also has resistance.

Iron oxide red is a common inorganic pigment that often appears under certain electron microscopes and microscopes. In addition to being invisible to the naked eye, there is another type of pigment that darkens in color. Iron oxide with an iron content can better cover the coating

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