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Is the quality of rutile titanium dioxide better in Japan or in Switzerland

Regarding the quality of rutile titanium dioxide, is it better in Japan or Switzerland? It is trustworthy. Zhangqiu Metal Pigments believes that solving all problems, including weight coating, glossiness and weather resistance treatment, flowability treatment, nucleation stability grading, oxide coating must have polyethylene waste after continuous processing, such as lead oxide and titanium dioxide.

[Silver Arrow News] Foster JH359 [TO595] Sharp titanium dioxide Jiangxi Tianduohua titanium dioxide Jinzhou Taike Jinan Yuxing titanium dioxide Tangshan Mitsubishi titanium dioxide.

Foster TiK-Pure R-960 coating grade titanium dioxide Quan coating ink special titanium dioxide powder.

Tianyuan TYR-588 titanium dioxide chlorination coating uses blue phase with high whiteness and good glossiness.

Baiyuying R-K95 titanium dioxide plastic has good whiteness, strong covering power, easy dispersion, and high weather resistance.

Panzhihua R-369 titanium dioxide coating plastic universal rutile type whiteness is easy to disperse, how to trade ink pigments.

Cloud pearl pearl pigment is a new type of pigment that exhibits a pearl like luster under visible light irradiation. It can be used as a pearl pigment according to daily needs. The high brightness, coloring power, flickering effect, and excellent color combination of cloud pearl pearl pigments are well-known among various brands

To achieve good gloss performance of pearlescent pigments, it is necessary to combine their processing techniques with high brightness object surfaces in order to fully display their true colors. 80 ° or continuously fired color materials, such as color materials, should be evenly dispersed before adding color materials to grind the color paste.

Titanium Dioxide

The principle of pearl powder dyeing is that the original color of pearl powder itself is called pink, and the same amount can dye various different shades. This includes colors such as orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, and gray. The above are some tips about the color of pearl powder.

Compared with conventional pigments, pearlescent pigments are non-toxic, pollution-free, and can be used as dyes. They are harmless to the human body and have additional dyeability.

According to the difference between pearlescent pigments and conventional dyes, pearlescent powder has multiple colors to choose from.

Based on the observation angle of pearlescent pigments and conventional organic pigments, it can be seen that the color of pearlescent powder has different viscosities.

The metal effect pigment of the product has a large specific surface area, can be used for decoration and has a high refractive index.

Conventional copper or aluminum colored powder, with various colors of pearlescent powder visible.

It belongs to the lipophilic type, with good hydrophilicity, adsorption, and dispersibility, and can be used as a sealing thickener.

Non toxic, non irritating odor, insoluble in water, alcohol, nitric acid, and vegetable oil. It can be mixed with organic solvents such as benzene and xylene to form insoluble organic solvents.

Sparkling gold, mostly composed of mica, has a beige appearance, while other colors are golden. However, sparkling gold is composed of mica, resembling a semi transparent Western particle shape.

The Shiny Gold series is commonly used for beauty inks, coatings, cosmetics, and more.

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