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Insight into the Future Trends of silicone fluid Industry and Inspire Innovative Wisdom

The unpredictable insight into the future trends of the silicone fluid industry and the inspiration for innovative wisdom: each production process of silicone fluid and addition molded silicone rubber has its own unique advantages, such as the stripping characteristics of the release agent, controlled by the hydroxyl silicone fluid of silicone fluid. After vulcanization of silicone rubber, electrostatic repulsion is formed between the release agent components, which forms a bridging effect on the chain expansion of silicone rubber molecules after vulcanization, promoting the high rise of silicone rubber.

Linear Silicone Fluids

Molecular Formula of Linear Silicone Fluids

When coming into contact with silicone rubber materials for the first time, it is necessary to distinguish the quality, as silicone rubber cannot be used as a silicone crosslinking agent.

Silicone rubber is a non-toxic and odorless elastic material with stable chemical properties, excellent softness, chemical stability, and insulation performance. Its surface has strong chemical inertness and high surface energy. The surface of silicone rubber material has strong adsorption force, causing the solution to detach from the viscous substance and the surface of the object,

Methyl silicone fluid is almost difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Methyl silicone fluid can be clearly observed with the naked eye. Although silicone rubber has been shown in different fields, there are still many methods available.

If you ask well, the characteristic of digital silicone rubber is that it undergoes several special chemical substances to remove dirt. Under the influence of science, justice, and technology, the emergence of silicone rubber will be simple.

Silicone rubber has many characteristics. At present, silicone rubber refers to silicone rubber (raw rubber, insulation rubber), silicone insulation rubber, sealant, natural resin, foam rubber, organic skeleton rubber, cutting fluid, ink pigment, high viscosity filler, temperature change powder.

As a high-performance and versatile new material, there are many other components in silicone rubber.

In recent years, the development of commodities has been influenced by many factors, including costs, transportation, and the fact that the sales cycle of a product has exceeded a new role,

At present, silicone rubber (raw rubber, insulating rubber) is an excellent material with excellent properties such as non weaving, flowability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. It also has important application value in aerospace, automotive, and construction industries.

As a high-performance and versatile new material, silicone rubber has many advantages. Silicone rubber has good flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility, room temperature gas, and chemical stability, and is therefore used as a surface sealant for solid-state evaporators in aviation chambers. As a high-temperature mold for high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone rubber also has good corrosion resistance. Methyl silicone fluid lotion is used for coloring and can be used in chemical, construction, industrial electronics and other industries, mainly for skin care, lubrication, demoulding and other effects.

silicone fluid can be used as a lubricant and softener for fabrics in the textile and clothing industry; By polymerizing with organic silicon, the surface of textile materials is smooth and the fabric is more durable; By combining with organic polymers, the fiber surface becomes softer, smoother, and has better drapability.

silicone fluid can be used as an ideal waterproof agent, dustproof oil agent, dielectric oil, hydraulic oil, dry cleaning agent, viscosity control agent, and electronic components in the construction industry, such as aviation, automobiles, power plants, power plants, and paper industries.

Polyethylene wax is widely used in the textile industry as a whitening agent, softener, lubricant, and surface treatment agent for fabrics; For vinyl acetate, the copolymer of PU and vinyl acetate also has excellent whitening effect.

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