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In addition to commonly used ones, you also need to understand these rutile type titanium dioxide powders

In addition to commonly used ones, you also need to understand that these rutile type titanium dioxide powders inherently have a high whiteness.

For example, DuPont titanium dioxide R902+coated with titanium dioxide (RCL-69) has good weather resistance and covering power.

Titanium dioxide (R290): white powder or granular, with gold film of high strength (metallic luster), with anti ultraviolet, antibacterial, self-cleaning, anti-aging effects.

Titanium dioxide (R capacitor): White powder or granular titanium dioxide forms a protective film due to its strong oxidation, absorption of ultraviolet rays, self-cleaning and other effects on the surface, preventing pollution of buildings.

In terms of weather resistance, titanium dioxide (R capacitor): White powder or granular titanium dioxide, due to specific light transmission and constant thermal interference, has a different particle size and average particle shape as light changes.

Whiteness is the ability of titanium dioxide to absorb ultraviolet light and observe it. When the particles are parallel to white, it is found that the light has a mirror like texture. After drying, the white color on titanium dioxide is more bright, and there is no uniform and consistent color formed between titanium dioxide and physical powder. White powder and titanium white are darker, and the color is pure white. Mixing titanium dioxide with air will cause color and color differences or the original composition of titanium dioxide particles, which are bright in color, White powder and color difference occur, transparency decreases, and a large amount of titanium dioxide is destroyed by other property changes in the lattice, which limits its use in the commercial field.

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Compared to many research institutions, he believes that in order to solve this problem, the first step is to establish a sound theory. It is not difficult to modify titanium dioxide particles to obtain shape and gloss testing, and then objectively adjust the color factors based on different colors, listing the phenomena caused by these factors.

There are many different pores between titanium dioxide particles, one of which is a hydrophobic film on the surface and a uniform amount of metatitanic acid on the surface. If the surface tension is low or the surface is slightly springy, particles can be bonded together. These reinforced titanic acid particles have high adhesive strength, chemical corrosion resistance, and weather resistance. But if a smooth surface is formed, the reasons for its existence can be classified.

However, titanium dioxide particles are not easy to form a continuous adsorption layer between the contact surfaces or be decomposed by chemical substances. At present, chemical substances are already relatively expensive at the micro level, and they are both affordable and affordable. However, both titanium dioxide manufacturers and manufacturers still have an innovative production technology that targets gas digestion of objects and decomposes them through chemical reactions. The method of this production technology is relatively complex and the process is simple. The surface treatment process of titanium dioxide is simple.

Indirect zinc oxide is an organic reaction product and a new type of strong oxidant. At room temperature, it is a white, odorless and odorless white crystalline powder with better properties.

Short action time. EX-2 is a nanoscale titanium dioxide that can modify the surface of titanium dioxide, degrade the combustion phase, and become a nanomaterial with good electrical insulation properties.

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