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How to occupy the highland of the rutile titanium dioxide industry with products

How to Occupy the High Map of the Rutile Titanium Dioxide Industry with Products_ First Economic Network.

When titanium dioxide pigment is used in sportswear, the molecular movement with the matrix resin is a very important link. Because titanium dioxide has a high molecular weight.

Titanium dioxide pigment has high durability for bonded objects, preventing the formation of sharp titanium type (based on molecular weight) due to the bonding of normal carbon bodies.

According to the shape and size of the pigments and fillers, they are divided into types such as titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide. By combining different methods and environments, the ratio of various organic pigments such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, lithopone, and chromium oxide can be effectively balanced, so that each product has equal properties and can meet different process requirements.

In terms of application methods, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have the best universality and can be used for wall coatings, profiles, pipes, profiles, and pipes, but the price is affected by various factors.

Choosing sulfuric acid method rutile type titanium dioxide fundamentally solves the problem of foaming and can enhance the new properties of titanium dioxide.

Compared to raw materials, adding a certain amount of defoamer or defoamer to a sand mill will have a better effect, but it also needs to be noted.

The dryness and film-forming properties of ink can also have a certain impact on defoamers, so the dryness of ink can be adjusted to a certain extent.

Titanium dioxide ink grade

When using high-speed motion and non curing as the design formula design, it is even more important to pay attention to the hydrophilicity and defoaming properties of titanium dioxide, especially when applying paint.

The breathability of ink is mainly related to the solubility of dyes and solvent based inks, as well as the water resistance of solvent based inks.

Used for solvent based inks, water-based inks, decorative coatings, offset printing inks, UV/UV curing (fluorescence curing) inks, and polyurethane solvent based coating inks.

There are also differences in climate, environmental temperature, storage conditions, and temperature, which greatly affect the UV resistance and production efficiency of ink. In recent years, the European Union and the United States have further accelerated their efforts to manage and manage climate.

Especially in improving the fluidity of ink, some small businesses may experience a decrease in the effectiveness of using powdered printing ink, while some small-scale ink brands cannot replace the rutile type. Although improving the ink performance of printing and the various fastness properties of UV ink have significantly improved the ink usage effect, it is also important to pay attention to the use of color, brightness, and saturation.

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