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How to occupy the highland of the pigment ink industry for products

How does the product occupy the high map of the pigment ink industry? Each chapter calculates energy as the main energy, which is suitable for the different needs of the printing industry.

Dichloroisocyanuric acid is an important skin cleanser widely used in various pharmaceuticals, food, tires, silage, and other fields. Mixing with anionic surfactants can effectively improve the skin’s pore aggregation, making the skin rough and white, and also reducing pores.

Luminous ink, plastic ink, silicone ink, UV ink, PP untreated ink, injection molded luminous vermicelli printing ink, luminous ink, non blocking luminous powder.

Composite bright copper gold powder is a bright red pigment made from copper zinc ore through hydrolysis synthesis and refinement.

Red pigment for Ink

Compound hair silicone oil is made from Violet Blue technology and pressed under high pressure with water to form a purple fluorescence with sufficient affinity and stability.

Yellow pigment with extended warranty. Organic pigments are high-performance and versatile pigment carriers, and their color depends on the type of pigment used and the type of pigment used. Color pigments commonly used in industry include.

● Screen printing ink: “Screen printing” ink can be divided into gravure printing ink, screen printing ink, UV ink, heat transfer printing ink, screen printing ink, spray painting ink, reflective ink, car paint, roll paint, ordinary ink, screen printing ink, etc;

● Pigments: “Organic pigments” are organic pigments that have no hiding power, so pigments are named colorless. Pigments are further divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments; Commonly used organic pigments include cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.

Powder coating: “Thermal decomposition” powder coating refers to the use of powder coating to coat powder on the surface of thin sheets. The cured powder is the thickness of the finished paint, usually within the range of 80-90%. Powder coating, also known as thermosetting powder coating or thermosetting powder coating.

Thermosetting powder coatings are composed of thermosetting resins, curing agents, pigments, fillers, and additives. Thermosetting powder coatings are primarily used for indoor and outdoor metal coatings. They have excellent corrosion resistance in products such as aluminum profiles, sheets, and sheet metal parts. The coating film is tough, slippery, and has bright colors, strong durability and weather resistance, and can withstand temperatures of 150 ° C.

Weather resistance of early powder coatings: Inorganic light materials do not contain heavy metal halides such as lead and cadmium, and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation (3V level).

● Formula for using powder coating: roller coating, brush coating, kneading, drying, and sealing; Used for coating in places with various pollution sources such as asphalt anti-corrosion, filler, concrete anti-corrosion, chemical engineering, etc.

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