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How much do you know about the pigment paste industry

How much do you know about the pigment paste industry? Koqin by 14001 is a distributor of Ciba pigments, specializing in the production of solvent based metal color mixing filler products. It has ultrafine and various types to choose from, especially for the cost reduction brought by using polyethylene or polypropylene as dispersants, with higher cost-effectiveness.

Kashi ● imported with original packaging, significantly prolongs systems such as polyester, polyamide, polyester, and polyurethane, and has brighter and lower coloring power. Suitable for thin, one or multiple layers of silk, wool, and silk that require water resistance

Imported with original packaging, strict standards, high-quality inspection, and expertise in polyester and nylon. The viscosity and chemical stability of the entire series of imported products, as well as their low odor, are all guaranteed.

Imported with original packaging, usually a linear polymer (PC) based on polycarbonate (PC).

Pigment Orange for masterbatch

In addition to having long-lasting dual adhesion to polyester adhesive, polymers also have certain compatibility with water-based coatings.

Homopolymer dispersion (should be clearly defined) is a thermally stable material with extremely good heat resistance, weather resistance, good dispersibility, good system compatibility, excellent rheological properties, and flowability.

High resilience polyether T-88% cationic lotion T-889% SP batch stable Fenghong.

EFKA 4015 elastomer liposome is 3M EFKA 4015 elastomer lotion T-009% SP adhesive is hydrophilic, soft and elastic texture, soft and comfortable adhesion makes it can maintain various properties of the system for a long time, such as good fluidity, moisture absorption, air permeability and synergistic enhancement.

Origin of organosilicon lotion. When the mechanism of C 7 is adhered to substrates, leather, and textile adhesives, it will adsorb a lot of oil and form an oil film during coating, also known as a stripping agent.

Hydrophilic organosilicon instant hydrophilic agent “acts on flat panels and automotive parts, increasing car exhaust speed and shifting gears; Improve leveling while enhancing adhesion to the substrate.

Due to the need to add various hydrophilic polydimethylsiloxane (solvent type) and amino alcohol (ketone type) diluents when processing titanium dioxide or paint. When treated with hydrophilic silicone oil or self-emulsifying organosilicon, a strong penetrating hydrophilic polydimethylsiloxane is produced. It is a mixture of hydroxyl terminated hydrophilic polydimethylsiloxanes with excellent adsorption, compatibility, and low surface tension.

High molecular weight odorless with excellent polar groups. In addition, with strong adsorption capacity, surface tension can be reduced.

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