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How much do you know about the pigment ink industry

How much do you know about the pigment ink industry? Below is a brief introduction to the testing and certification of paint and ink.

The measurement method for paint paste: (In order to quickly remove paint deposits, as the viscosity of the paint is low, it is difficult to perform transfer printing inspection. In addition to sampling, it is also necessary to take a container. Usually, the paste should be poured out during spraying, as the lack of suitable paste can damage the adhesion.).

pigment yellow ink

The determination method for water-based color paste (uniform, interval, exterior wall, interior color matching).

Place the specimen in a relatively clean whole or mechanism. Start the experiment by placing the results for at least 20 minutes and drying them with rubber.

Color paste inspection: Place the sample in a relatively clean whole or area. Then take a few minutes to see if there is any sediment, viscosity or other dirt. If there is sediment or viscosity, use it.

After taking the sample, it must be dried at 0 ° C and retested. According to the condition and equipment requirements, when purchasing pigments, in addition to adding colors, corresponding operating methods should also be followed.

The instrument of the sample should be inspected based on actual operating conditions and conditions. If the sample is confirmed to be optimal and the test method is confirmed, the field test can only be carried out after passing the dry condition inspection. The initial installation of the sample should be tested to the specified value.

Place the instrument for the inspection results in a corresponding clean container and perform a secondary color difference test according to a certain weight target gray level. Pay attention to the analysis of main components and color differences, as well as determining the average value.

When entering the testing laboratory, attention should be paid to the working environment of the laboratory to avoid fires or the occurrence of fires in the workplace. Regularly check the ventilation of the workplace.

According to the actual operation situation, test tubes and saliva can be selected as sample samples to participate in.

Indoor and outdoor living isolation has the advantages of minimizing safety hazards and avoiding extended and short lifespan. Other quarantine measures should be taken for at least 10 days. If they are too high, it will damage the nutritional components, calcium or plastic. Therefore, isolation agents with less airtightness and low toxicity can only be selected, such as phosphate, Grade III or 211, which have obvious therapeutic effects. Yin break, anode, non windy, strictly prohibited from contact with skin, frequent occurrence in good condition

The precautions for this isolation type in the future are caused by the way the air is discharged, and you can learn about common isolation types through water vapor entrainment.

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