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Highly concerned about the development of the pigment paste industry

Pay close attention to the development trend of the pigment paste industry: the traditional production process lacks the technical barriers in the region, the product quality and service quality suddenly increase, a large number of social gifts are lost, and the price of raw materials foam is extremely low, which reduces the loss of traditional production processes, reduces the emissions of traditional production processes, and makes the industry image more open and environmentally friendly.

In the future, as countries around the world focus on environmental protection.

High performance polyacrylic acid ethylene acetate polymer, certified by FDA, can be used in the food and cleaning industry. Food and medicine are polyacrylic acid copolymers with strong dispersibility, low dust, good sun protection, delicate skin, good water dispersibility, and photochemical activity of fabrics.

Pigment Red 176

It can be applied to laundry, washing/coating, textile, printing and dyeing, dye, line making, fiber, pharmaceutical, plastic, coating, daily chemical, electromechanical, textile, printing, powder, liquid, block packaging, wet, paste, ball shaped packaging, 1300g (1-10g), 600g (capacity -100g), 5000m (can be customized according to customer requirements).

Phosphorus based flame retardant coagulants are less affected by evaporation temperature, dry quickly, and have a sudden increase in color. After 30 minutes, they will be pulled or broken. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the curing time to ensure that the parts are in a good condition for the next step of operation.

It has excellent flame retardancy and can improve the safety of many substances. Hydrogen containing silicone oil has high chemical stability and can be directly used in the manufacturing of paints, inks, pigments, etc., as fillers and consumables for wiping tools The product has good smoothness and low toxicity, and the formed coating not only has good dust prevention, grease resistance, strong acid resistance, corrosion resistance, but also has anti-static and chemical stability, and can resist various chemical substances, such as phenolic aldehyde, tributyl phosphate, furan, etc., to improve the appearance and increase the whiteness of the product.

Due to the high chemical stability of volatile products, the solubility of hydrogen containing silicone oil is low, and the volatility is also high, so it has a wide application prospect Due to its large amount of antioxidants, it can also serve as an acidifier to protect the skin from UV rays and chemical agents. When used in skincare products with strong comfort, only a small amount of addition can effectively inhibit skin aging and prevent skin from sunburn Shelf life of skincare products: 18-22 months.

Purple drugs have been involved in various fields such as rubber, plastics, food, spices, coatings, photosensitive materials, etc.

Non ethyl silicone oil lotion with active groups can be used for dry film, makeup removal, cleaning, moth eaten and powder products. Skin care can also be used as hair spray to protect skin from environmental pollution. Because of its “excellent AR antioxidant”, it makes the skin healthier and more elastic

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