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High production standard silicone fluid wholesalers

A silicone fluid wholesaler with high production standards, whose related products comply with major European standards and meet relevant standards such as FDA, certification, REACH, UL, etc.

It has excellent high-temperature resistance and non oxidation resistance, and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -50 ° C-200 ° C.

Widely applicable to products such as plastics, rubber, adhesives, inks, carbon, enhancers, fluorescent brighteners, etc., it has received widespread praise.

Mixing method: Directly add the stirrer and stir for 10 minutes to completely cure the silicone gel, without compressing air.

Dimethyl silicone fluid emulsifier is a new type of dimethyl silicone fluid emulsifier. It is an aqueous solution prepared with dimethyl silicone fluid as the main raw material, adding emulsifier, water, etc. It is an aqueous solution obtained after emulsification. As a stable aqueous solution, the thickener is stable, so lotion can be made into various excellent lotion, including lotion, latex, glue, ointment, lotion phase, emulsion, etc.

Raw gum, which can be added to toilet paper, toilet paper, shaving paper, skin care products, makeup remover, hand sanitizer, transparent shower gel, cosmetics, soap, incense, shower gel, shampoo, cleanser, fragrant wipe, skin care products, lipstick, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics, lipstick, cream, moisturizing lotion, essential oil, bath night, lipstick, cream, ginger, shampoo, hand sanitizer, lipstick, alcohol, bath cream

Linear Silicone Fluids

Incense roll Facial cleanser, bath gel, refreshing agent, liquid cream, bead cream, moisturizing agent, cosmetics, bath cream, body scrub, emollient, fragrance care emulsifier, lipstick, cream, ginger, texture beautifying agent, wax emulsion, convenient agent, emollient, ginger, suture, moisturizing agent, moisturizing agent, shaving agent, fluid reducing agent, groundwater rust fixing agent, ginger, smoothing agent, scavenger, adsorbent, biodegradable agent

Coagulant Nutritional and health products, plant metabolites, industrial circulating water agents, petroleum extraction, environmentally friendly seawater desalination agents, beverages, domestic sewage treatment agents, pesticides, daily chemicals, rubber, antioxidants, fungicides, pulping additives, industrial cooling water, sewage treatment agents, fungicides, chemical reagents, stabilizers, desulfurizers, pesticides, gutter oil, feed removal flocculants, decontaminants, water purification agents, humic acid removal agents, power plant desulfurization agents Boiler desulfurizer, hot water regulator, polyaluminum chloride, carboxymethyl alcohol, starch surface treatment agent, highly active silicone fluid, basic sulfite oil, sodium sulfate, sodium phosphate, special defoamer for electroplating wastewater, sludge treatment agent, functional powder defoamer for nitrate water, organic silicon defoamer, silicone fluid, wastewater, etc.

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