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High production standard silicone fluid factory

High production standard silicone fluid factory electronic, stirring type food grade silicone fluid hydraulic oil with low viscosity change design for stirring viscosity.

Condensed food grade A-food grade silicone fluid special industrial precipitation type food grade chocolate enthusiast quantity tea companion children’s food grade mixed food grade high solubility type.

High viscosity silicone fluid mixing system professional customers are particularly suitable for aluminum cutting processes with the addition of special emulsifiers with high viscosity. Whether it is a high viscosity additive or a low viscosity index additive containing highly reactive liquids or mixtures of ultra-high viscosity, it can be applied to high viscosity level machine tools, small gears, friction components of automobiles and rockets, stainless steel pipes and metal processing fluids, grinding pastes, etc. with permission. Product characteristics: increase product hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance, etc

Linear Silicone Fluids

High temperature and strong baking food grade vacuum defoamer is composed of food grade surfactants (such as surfactants, foaming agents, etc.) and highly active solutions. The key to this food grade surfactant technology is to eliminate dust and other dust, scale, and other microorganisms, so that the main body of the gas is replaced by inert lipophilic groups (such as active diluents, etc.) to the environment

Biological fermentation defoamers can be divided into fatty acid esters, organic silicon, polyethers, higher alcohols, mineral oils, alcohol complex types, etc. Organosilicon defoamers are used in various industries such as online engineering, biological fermentation, power plants, oil refining, sewage treatment, fermentation, seawater desalination, sea sand desalination, oilfield drilling, power plant desulfurization, petrochemical industry, cleaning, food, desulfurization, etc

Organic silicon defoamers can be used for wastewater treatment in industries such as food, drinking water, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics production, urban drug delivery, mining, cement processing production, sea leveling, mining flotation, rubber synthesis, drilling wastewater treatment, textile industry, circuit boards, flanges, textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, fermentation, mining, water treatment, etc.

According to different systems, the amount of defoamer added can be 01-1%, and the amount depends on the specific situation and practice of the customer;

A large supply of mature defoamer products and defoamer formulations, including organic silicon defoamers, industrial defoamers, water treatment defoamers, and paint defoamers

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