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High production standard rutile titanium dioxide company

The high production standard rutile titanium dioxide company is a titanium dioxide powder that has undergone inorganic coating and organic treatment.

The product has high chemical stability, weather resistance, whiteness, non migration, and easy dispersion characteristics. Titanium dioxide has unique physical properties, narrow film distribution, good covering power, fading power, covering power, hue, brightness, and high whiteness. Application field: Titanium dioxide has superior application performance, such as hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, and has advantages in dispersibility, wettability, dispersibility, whiteness, and other aspects;

titanium dioxide ink

Particle size, regular shape, smooth surface, and superior optical performance. The solvent used for the sulfuric acid method of titanium dioxide is mainly used to prepare different types of titanium dioxide powder, such as double MgO alcohols, 94-0, 502+E22 alcohols, etc. The solvent with dispersing performance of titanium dioxide can also be used for surface treatment (for severe water contact surfaces), improving product luster, leveling, and increasing product whiteness. It has good dispersion performance, which can improve luster, fading power, semi transparency, covering power, and anti precipitation. It has high heat resistance and can be adjusted and improved during activation.

Organic flame retardants can be used in chemical fibers, plastics, chemical fibers, papermaking, paints, inks, coatings, color masterbatches, chemical fibers, art pigments, and cosmetics.

Melting point: Boiling point>50 ° C. It generally does not burn and reacts violently with water. Safety and hygiene. When using limestone at a temperature of 12-25 ° C, we should not allow multiple stores and equipment to accumulate. However, when carbon dioxide floats, it will cause the brush to approach or float.

When using defoamers, the amount of defoamers added is the amount of chlorine itself, and the amount of defoamers added is polyethers, alkyl ethers, fluoroalkyl fatty amides, fatty amides, esters, alkyl ethers, etc. After adding silicone oil, slowly screen out impurities with ferric chloride, and then stop screening.

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