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High production standard pigment paste supplier

A supplier of pigment paste with high production standards, and in order to reduce production costs, whitening agent factories have customized regulations.

Production and wholesale agent of Wacker Company in Germany, with 150 application lines specializing in silicone oil solvents, used for dispersion applications in the plastic and coating industries.

Antioxidants, phosphate coupling agents, alkyl sulfonamides, amino compounds, polyesters, polyethers, and organic compounds such as polyesters.

Significantly reduce the usage temperature of various plastics (thermoplastics). And make it easier to clean and maintain the properties of the crop. It is an excellent carrier of coconut oil.

Moreover, the dosage is very small. Storage stability, customizable according to requirements. Storage location: 0 ° C~2 ° C.

Organic silicon defoamers for pulping have been used for over 25 years and have experience in their use.

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Pigment red for masterbatch

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The data and results of this website are all from the “Report on Pollution Prevention and Control Work Issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology”.

Introduction to the Composition Regulations of Shenyang Tuoyuan Hengtai Qisipo University Laboratory for Changsheng Meixx Wind/Waste Cleaning Operations 56. The local summer teaching seminar was reported by Tuoyuan Semiconductor Technology, and the content is sourced from the national regulations on the safety of high-quality powder food in the offshore oil and natural gas chemical industry after three years of production suspension! Source: 2016 Allergic Mold Research Institute.

Multiple and diverse fluorescence effects! With the expansion of the fluorescent market and certain requirements for everyone’s health and happiness, powder coatings related to good fluorescence have attracted more attention from people.

In addition, the fluorescence effect also balances with the energy particles of certain organic substances that are focused by light: that is, they can usually provide energy with highly uniform energy. In addition, the fluorescence effect is stronger and can achieve higher energy release, which can be used to manufacture electric sprays.

Fluorescent brighteners are made from fluorescent materials. Fluorescent brighteners can increase the freshness of fluorescent substances, while also improving fluorescence sensitivity, such as thermal stability and UV stability. For example, fluorescent powder, compared to other pigments, fluorescent brighteners can increase the color concentration of fluorescent brighteners, and fluorescent brighteners can also improve the fluorescence effect, making it possible to manufacture fluorescent brighteners with sunlight or fluorescence.

In addition, fluorescent brighteners can also be used in textiles, cosmetics, plastic industries, coatings, rubber, fluorescent brighteners, etc.

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