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A high production standard pigment paste manufacturer – highly dispersed gelatin HT – fine powder thickener – water-based cutting fluid Solvay and other co polymerization agents, produce pure emerald blue environmentally friendly and replaceable lead salt color slurry.

High dispersion gelatin HT fine powder has excellent stability and is suitable for grinding with added color paste, such as acrylic acid, alkyd, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polyester, polyurethane, polyols, polyester, polyolefin and resin, for decolorization and no yellowing phenomenon. High compatibility, water resistance, alkali resistance, flame retardancy, defoaming, high elasticity, and low linear shrinkage.

The high-quality lubrication performance of fine powder is suitable for use in the field of metal and plastic, such as plastics, polylatexes, engineering plastic raw materials, plastic elastomers, coatings, lubricants with unknown material thickness and difficult to disperse, silk, wool spinning, wires and cables, injection molding, and other industries.

The role of environmentally friendly plasticizers, with high plasticizing efficiency and corresponding higher feeding costs. Environmental friendly plasticizers are a harmful substance that can undergo condensation reactions with trace dyes, maintaining sufficient round-trip quantity and color with transparent color. According to the requirements of production and operation processes, plasticizers with different crystal forms can be selected.

Firstly, identify the most important thermal factors that affect the polymer system, the good desorption temperature of the polymer, and the thermal shrinkage coefficient of polyolefin products.

When using polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and ABS, due to the high speed molecules of polar amide phenol, 1-phenol, naphthol, azo, ethylene ethyl acetate and other substances with chain linked sites, 160 to 180 parts of polystyrene can be reduced in red, yellow, and below PHR during processing due to the characteristics of pyrite. For PVD or SBR-113, it has a hot PHR and longer thermal stability.

Pigment Orange for masterbatch

Namely, PP extrusion, injection molding, blow molding → vacuum pumping, extrusion filter material, cleaning, auxiliary separation, defoaming, viscosity reduction, flow, mold cutting and other models.

According to color, it can be divided into: red lead powder, blue lead powder, various types of mother lead powder, white lead powder, various types of mother benzene mother lead powder, etc.

According to the printing machine filter method, it can be divided into: spraying method, interior/exterior wall coating method, and printing method.

According to the different requirements of the base material during printing, it can be divided into foaming method and functional group material.

G-60 is a defoamer for printing and dyeing auxiliaries, suitable for textile printed fabrics with printed objects. It can be customized for cleaning, degreasing, oil removal, laundry, dry cleaning, sweat cleaning, and other fabrics that cannot be achieved with ordinary defoamers.

As this product is currently widely used as a high-temperature defoamer for textiles, it can serve as an auxiliary agent for defoaming and foam suppression under alkaline conditions.

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