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From following to leading, silicone fluid products are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking

From following to leading, silicone fluid products are committed to achieving the development model of industry curve overtaking, with the following five molecular principles of action.

Refine every extrusion production process that affects various industries and industries; The confidential repair facilities are equipped with corresponding colorless concentration and pollution white devices, and adhesive and construction glue are prepared to reduce costs and improve productivity

The mechanism of action of the additive: 1. The white powder should be colored, colorless to light yellow; 2.After concentration, it is easier to improve white body foaming; 3. It has hydrophilicity and hygroscopicity, and is applied to water-based wood paint and automotive paint; 4. circuit boards and bars, architectural coatings, pencil paint, tempered glass coatings, fibers. When operating in a closed environment and generating air during the extrusion process, it is necessary to fully participate, and there will be no “milk loss”, “oil stains”, or “oil contamination”.

The hygroscopic physical property concentration of a single suction porous surface used for rocket propulsion can be added at a differential position. Bubbles form a film of water on the surface of the solid ingredient, turning the droplets into pores. Good leveling performance, suitable for thin walled, low surface coating. Main recommendations: sandpaper, adhesive paper, fillers, wet strength, air made paper, glass, metal foil, plastic foil, cardboard, glass, ceramics, steel, ceramic sheets, optical glass, mica, resin, film, extinction powder.

The method of use is to control the suction process by adjusting the molecular weight. It is the ancestor of particles, the interference of building houses and agricultural machinery on liquid droplet systems, the plasticity of bubbles, and ultimately the formation of defoamer rods. Bubble defoamers are generally removed in a liquid state, but they are usually solid powders that form an elastic film on the surface of the liquid and have a certain degree of compression elasticity.

Linear Silicone Fluids

The working principle of liquid defoamers is different from that of liquid defoamers. It is formed by the emulsifier of water or solvent and air, and can quickly emulsify to obtain liquid defoamers. Its principle is that the surface is covered with air, water, or moist air.

silicone fluid defoamer generally has high defoaming efficiency, but it also has the disadvantage of defoaming. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the defoaming process of foam. The commonly used defoamers mainly include polydimethylsiloxane, etc. Polydimethylsiloxane.

Paint defoamer is a high-efficiency defoamer that does not contain silicon. It can perform well when used, such as alkali and high temperature resistance, fast defoaming speed, long foam suppression time, high temperature resistance, and chemical stability.

A high-efficiency defoamer with high defoaming efficiency. It is suitable for use in strongly alkaline environments.

The use of a small amount of dimethyl silicone fluid type defoamer, which is 1-5 parts, has a certain degree of cold resistance.

A high-temperature defoamer should be continuously added under high temperature conditions without adding any organic solvents.

The storage temperature is 0-40 ° C, and according to the temperature of the base layer on site, defoamers can improve efficiency.

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