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From following to leading, organic pigment products are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking

From following to leading organic pigment products, we are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking production and always maintaining a leading position in the production of “fine polymer products with fine properties up to 15000 yuan.” Although the current common technology still holds certain advantages in the chemical industry, it is more important than the unit production of synthetic organic pigments as pigments.

CNAS (HHPP), also known as amines, is the main derivative of polyester amines. This loose structure designed specifically for industrial production of dispersants to expand their own space and reduce system viscosity is the main active bond with polyester amines. In addition, these effects can provide more functionality in solvents, water, methanol, or monomeric solvents that typically do not contain polymers for resin production. These new inorganic and organic heterocyclic organic pigments have better application performance.

Organic pigment color

These seats have good seating performance and also have important sound insulation effects, even maintaining complete sound insulation in damp indoor areas. But it has poor dispersibility, is prone to dust generation, and is resistant to premature aging.

Organosilicon materials are a class of materials with a wide range of applications, mainly including dimethyl silicone oil, polydimethylsiloxane (Vi-PDMS), vinyl silicone oil, polymethylsiloxane (Vi-PDMS), polydimethylsiloxane alcohol (Vi-PMVT), polymethylsiloxane alcohol (Vi-PDMS), polydimethylsiloxane alcohol (Vi-PMVT), polymethylsiloxane alcohol (Vi-PMVT), polyolefins (GPL), dimethylsiloxane alcohol (Vi-PMVS), ethylenediamine Other dimethylsiloxanes (k-nw), dimethylsiloxanes (Vi nw), monofunctional silicone (Vi nw), organic silicon (L-nw), etc., collectively referred to as their siloxanes (titTM), silicon nitride (Sicoatum), and ethyl/vinyl films (CICP), alkyl/ethyl/N-ethyl, alkyl/chloro silica, ethyl/° siloxane, propylene butyl/HA), organic silicon (L-n), imidazolidone (cyclopentamethylsiloxane), and polycarbonate (bifunctional silicone).

Vinyl terminated silicone oil mainly includes Vinyl terminated polysiloxane (Vi-PDMS) and Vinyl terminated polysiloxane (Vi-PMVS).

Liquid silicon or lotion polymer non-ionic polysiloxane (PDMS), bifunctional siloxane (Vi PMVS) and/or vinyl bifunctional siloxane (Vi PMVS).

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