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Four aspects tell you how to seize the dividends of pigment ink

Can you tell me how to seize the dividend of pigment ink? Does the manufacturer support printing pigments for a certain model? Different models are used, and the types of pigments are also different. So, let’s take a picture to understand how to enter and understand how the pigment dividend manufacturer trades with the previous editor! The non drying of pigments, which removes particles while preventing the oxidation of air inside the machine, is also a crucial aspect of the domestic production process. And pigments are made from this model, which can produce a relatively complete product index and create a more autonomous machine.

Pigment Red 169 Ink

Pest and disease prevention and control pigments, nitrogen based flame retardants, cellulose based silicone oil based aldehydes, ketones, esters, O, fixed pigments for packaging large quantities of finished products, followed by diazo manufacturers, how to purchase them.

Nowadays, many clothes may have some transparency, which is not to say that clothing leather is an industry, but it is basically new. In the field we call “new material products”, if one is not fiber processing, many clothes will have a large amount of fluorescent powder. So, how should we purchase fluorescent powder? When selecting, we also attach great importance to the addition of colors in our hearts.

Fluorescent toner: Fluorescent toner plays a crucial role under sunlight exposure. Fluorescent toner, as the name suggests, is a colored pigment or dye that only dissolves organic or inorganic mediators (such as low pigments) in water to achieve scientific fluorescence effects. It also has various functions such as resin solubility, solvent resistance, heat resistance, migration resistance, and easy dispersion.

Fluorescent toner: Under sunlight exposure, fluorescent toner acts as a fluorescent toner, naturally composed of uniform fluorescent toner. However, under certain high temperature environments, fluorescent toner will gradually fade. Fluorescent toner: It is a type of pigment and resin that absorbs a certain amount of light energy under a certain pressure and time, resulting in a color change.

Fluorescent toner: Under a certain amount of visible light, the fluorescent toner of the fluorescent toner exhibits bright colors and exhibits good potential and vitality. Some fluorescent pigments require only [details] when used due to the technical nature of dilution coloring.

The black colored rubber marker pencil has high hardness and good brushwork. Introduction to its future development direction. In the second half of last year in the Asia Pacific region, the sales of black training agents were among the top in the region year by year. However, although the Asia Pacific region and Ph Library had higher technical requirements for us in the first half of 2015, the monotonous climate change has faded, making ultramarine pigments increasingly difficult.

The black colored rubber marker pencil is a common and highly influential black solid fluorescent material. Fading is the fading process of cuprous oxide, and its physical and chemical properties have little impact on light resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and climate change resistance.

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