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Foreign traders exporting silicone fluid, please note

Foreign traders exporting silicone fluid should pay attention to red and yellow colors. The silica gel cup food contact held in the UK will be affected by essence, bacteria, organic pigments, etc., and China’s starch export market will also be affected.

The paint of a coating is composed of film-forming substances, pigments, solvents, and additives. It is a type of coating applied to the surface of an object, and its main function is to form a layer of adhesive film on the surface of the object. For lightweight coatings, they are commonly used in many solvent based coatings, especially titanium dioxide.

The hydrogenation triple unit implements a 100 square meter intersection, which is more useful and beneficial for the physical and mental health of employees, contributing to everyone, calling, and wealth. According to previous market reports, the total roasting process here is gasification polyacrylamide and ammonia pressure polyacrylamide.

silicone oil HY201 50cst

The selection of activators refers to the addition of stearic acid, stearic acid, and titanate to stearic acid palmitic acid, which is dehydrated and separated at saturation temperature to generate stearic acid salts. Then, stearic acid and stearic acid are peeled and dehydrated to obtain the activators. Long term passivation treatment can improve the substrate treatment effect, prevent deformation, save resources, and have no side effects. It is resistant to acid, salt, alkali, and chemical reagents, reducing costs, and is very environmentally friendly. Dehydration with stearic acid is sufficient, and adding water is very convenient. There is no need to worry when drinking, as it can reduce the temperature of the substrate, reduce the risk of disease, and have a very short shelf life.

The purpose of iron oxide yellow is to be used as a pigment, which is insoluble in water and can maintain a large amount of color change even in damp and bright places. Changzhou copper and iron can still be used as processing copper! Iron oxide can be divided into iron oxide yellow and iron oxide red based on its color. The former has a small particle size and can also be added in moderation according to different concentrations as a pigment; The latter can have a larger particle size and directly impact copper

Iron oxide red, also known as rust red, is a red iron oxide powder with light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance. It is also relatively bright near the surface. In addition to not being bright in color, the color is not pure red, but almost perfect red with poor color fluidity. Although the composition table is reddish brown and dark, the color will not be very bright, and only when combined with hard bronze and stearic acid can the effect be achieved. Therefore, it is used as a colorant and toner in the pigment industry

The composition of iron oxide red is a small number of minerals above 24% of hematite, consisting of fibers and 100%~95% of the original hematite metal elements. The density formula for iron, copper, and copper is: Fe2O3 content: 100% bulk density.

Pearlescent pigment, also known as mica titanium pearlescent pigment, is a type of mica chip coated with titanium dioxide. According to different colors, it can be divided into three categories: silver white pearlescent pigments, rainbow pearlescent pigments, and color pearlescent pigments.

Pearlescent pigment is a semi transparent, tiny, shiny new material that appears in a tiny pink color with an elegant luster and good hydrophobicity.

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