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Export silicone fluid faces dual certification

Export silicone fluid faces dual certification! Maimai products have low carbon dioxide clarity and are in line with food processing technology. They can be used in fields such as asphalt powder, enamel, belts, shoe polish, sealant, and isolation agents!

The silicone products with zero and no yellowing liquid crystal mechanisms are perfect to save costs! Elastic silicone products and leveling have a good risk of abrasion resistance! Elastic silicone products and leveling have good elongation (weather resistance, impact resistance). Elastic silicone products and soluble leather products can be used for automotive engines, light trucks, household appliances, children’s toys, household appliances, PVC leather, etc!

Silicone, silicone rubber, gypsum products, transparent silicone rubber, jelly, good flowability, lubricant for formed products, release agent, hydrophobic agent, gypsum dense silicone rubber, polyethylene elastomer, synthetic resin, unsaturated polyester, organic glass, polysilane coupling agent, defoamer, various ester containing materials, and industrial application modifiers.

Very strong adaptability, used for water-based coatings, adhesives, inks, elastomers, silicone, textile lubricants, cosmetics, lubricants, diapers and phenolic systems, adhesives, chain linkers, polymers, silicone fluid, fluorinated, sewing threads, lubricants, defoamers, emulsified silicone fluid, non organic silicone defoamers.

Volatile Silicone Oil dimethylsiloxane fluid cosmetics

Performance and advantages: 1. High and low temperature resistance, long-term use at 200 ° C, maintaining the best performance of latex paint, adhesives, and specialized coatings; 2. Excellent consistency; 3. Excellent adhesion, physical and mechanical properties; 4. Good antioxidant, heat resistant, and defoaming properties; 5. Good release ability; 6. Fast drying speed, initial water resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and biodegradability Architecture

Protection • Bonding • silicone fluid, Leather • Waterproofing • Electronics • Adhesives • silicone fluid, Leather • silicone fluid • Yarn, Fiber Washing • Processing and Production Methods for Various Fabrics, Leather, Paper, Film, and Hoses • Chemicals, Cleaners, Decontaminators, Recycling, and Grease Changers • Use of Care Supplies: • Gently loosen (pay attention to regularly organizing fabrics while falling back) • Leather Footwear Sofa, Weifang City Shoes Materials, Waterproof Doors, Foshan City Textile Printing and Dyeing Additives.

Typical application 1. Load bearing: When using one’s own latex paint or water-soluble coating, use a strong adhesive (water-soluble resin) to make the material frame sturdy Function: Mainly used for lotion and pigment.

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