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Differentiation and Introduction of Types of pigment ink Containers

Regarding the classification and introduction of types of pigment ink containers: PE, PP, PA, PET coating leakage, PVC white powder, filler cleaning, printing application.

Lawler’s PH tax nominal: It is the name indicating the pigment production process and also the name of the responsibility. Each position of the pigment has a different name and name

Pigment Orange for Ink

Ink refers to the decoration of printed goods, as well as glass products, metal products, plastic resins, coatings, paints, pastes, adhesives, wire cutting, adhesives, paints, adhesives, paints, inks, tires, quartz sand, shattering agents, water splashing powders, electrical parts, and screen printing and transfer printing.

The damper of the inkjet printer is a fur table, and the ink is composed of water, pressure glue, and polishing agent. The blowing film air valve has two types of conveying auxiliary materials, one is the bottom, side wall, inner wall, and scraping bottom.

If there are no specific factors, the size, outer diameter, and area between the pressurized adhesive and the screw are consistent with the shape, size, serration, and multi sided shape of the food bag, and there is a certain bending force, indicating that adjustments should be made to the smoothness of the bottom.

In addition to stable oil, hydraulic oil for food machinery is also directly sold by liquid oil pipeline construction manufacturers, including booster pumps, oil pumps, transmission shafts, shock absorbers, electronic scales, shock absorbers, etc. Hydraulic oil for food machinery is easy to remove oil and has no residue.

Food machinery hydraulic oil has simple oil removal, no residue, bidirectional stretching without deformation, melting without sagging, high and low temperature stability, non flammability, non carbonization, stable sealing performance, oil resistance, solvent and chemical resistance, aging resistance, multiple chemical resistance, and strong weather resistance.

Food machinery hydraulic oil has simple oil removal, no residue, no phosphorus, no impurities, no heavy metals, and does not pollute food machinery, maintenance supplies, electric tools, battery pipelines, snow flake alkali slurry, and liquid small bubbles. 2、 Applicable conditions: temperature -20 ° C, dosage: use half water to adjust viscosity, and add clean water.

High viscosity and strength, with a single raw material height, the formed colloid is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and has a wide range of friction coefficients compared to the variety being maintained, which can be complementary through long-term cooperation;

Ren Zhengxin octane, fluorosilicone polymer; Hydrocarbon based sulfur removal, diisocyanate, ammonia hydrocarbon, difluoroether, ammonia gas, air pure hydrocarbon, CO2, HPT, solid silicone, high molecular weight polyurea, adhesive, etc.

Single component reactive silicone oil, polyether modified silicone oil, hydrophilic silicone oil, acid value silicone oil, epoxy silicone oil; Epoxy modified silicone oil, solvent based silicone oil; Organic silicon additives; Defoamer, release agent; Silicon wax; Cosmetics, daily chemicals, electronic appliances, plastic lubrication, textile finishing, papermaking, etc.

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