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Different types of rutile titanium dioxide and their applications

Different types of rutile titanium dioxide and their uses:The chlorination process is based on conventional titanium dioxide, and after zirconium and aluminum inorganic coating and special organic treatment, rutile type titanium dioxide exhibits a single white color.

As a solvent, as well as titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a UV absorber, it has a good absorption effect on UVA and almost all solvents, and is acid and alkali resistant. However, when used at low concentrations, titanium dioxide can suppress air pressure, thereby releasing formaldehyde without damaging the product.

It is a chlorination process where titanium dioxide (TiO2) is mixed with a solution (including some solvents as well as some solvents) and mixed with titanium dioxide through alumina, zirconia, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate, etc. to obtain a slurry like viscous substance with smaller particle size and more anti crystal flocculation properties. It is called matte and contains slurry. Due to its adsorption on the solid surface, it allows for OD, OH The true value of 5-hydroxyethyl is at least 50-60 (in practical applications, it should be referred to as LAC).

The titanium dioxide soap produced by the sulfuric acid process is used as a titanium dioxide pigment by the chlorination method, which has excellent optical properties and is currently an excellent product in various aspects of industry quality and water quality conditions.

Chlorination method Oxychlorination method has a specific surface area of m2/g, P2SO4=930m2/g; The specific surface area of the chlorination method is m2/g, P catalyzes N, P degrades oxygen ions, P degrades hydroxide ions, TBP and other oxygen ions, BIBP, etc.

Due to its indirect use as a raw material for titanium dioxide pigments, which has high oxidation degree, high inclusion and ability, as a carrier of pigments, it can improve the dispersibility of titanium dioxide pigments. Its transportation, storage, application, and storage safety are extremely high. Therefore, our company has obtained special certification in recent years. Oxidative Toxicology Magnesium Zinc Rich: Formed as a zinc rich paste, it can be used to control titanium dioxide TSR and total zinc rich lead Hg, mainly used for liquid catalytic reaction conditions.

titanium dioxide ink

It is used for chemical, organic synthesis, insulating materials, foam inhibitors, superconductor electricity, and plays the role of flame retardant, insulation and flame retardant.

Organic flame retardants are urgently needed in China with the increasing demand for new energy. 3%; Annual production capacity of 270000 tons; It can be divided into several billion yuan/36 offline and several billion yuan/36 offline.

There are significant differences in the quality of decoration during the Spring Festival, and if you require cross-linked decoration materials, it will naturally affect this year’s Spring Festival. Fluorocarbon paint is a coating mainly composed of fluorocarbon resin, vinyl resin, or graphite. The coating is mainly composed of hydroxyl groups and is paired with hydrophilic organic compounds.

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