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Currently, rutile titanium dioxide foreign trade enterprises are facing four prominent difficulties

Currently, foreign trade enterprises of rutile titanium dioxide face four prominent difficulties. How to declare the origin of rutile titanium dioxide: Henan Province. This year, we learned from regions such as Hulu Peninsula, Hunan, Guangdong, Shandong, etc. that prices will gradually decrease? How to order titanium dioxide powder.

There are a wide variety of domestically produced and consumer goods, which can be classified by product series. Each product has its own specific characteristics. Let’s take a look.

Product Introduction: Universal titanium dioxide, suitable for white and various indoor and outdoor decorative materials. In order to help everyone better understand the advantages of our company’s products, our R&D department continuously deploys technology and provides product overview to provide customers with better services.

Product Introduction: General titanium dioxide has the best luster, color, covering power, coloring power, fading power, dispersibility, weather resistance, no color bleeding and migration, and has high coloring power.


Packaging identification: This product is produced by the chlorination method and has undergone organic or inorganic surface treatment, such as colorless spots and particles. This product is easily dispersed and stored stably.

Product Introduction: Universal titanium dioxide has the best luster, transparency, no bleeding, no migration, excellent dispersibility, and is used as a highly dispersed and weather resistant PVC HT whitening agent.

361’s stimulant is made from excellent optical brighteners and pigments, and is degradable through various materials such as zirconia, alumina, and silicon oxide. It can be used in industries such as coatings (profiles), plastics, rubber, ink, rollers (compatible with special resins), paper, leather, enamel, ceramics, glass, electronics, 3C, coatings, cosmetics, etc.

Label: Violation of hydrogenation process in the five fluorine electric furnace head, Ca55 IDE price regulator, sodium hexafluorosulfonate, solid nitrogen compound, CD60 baking soda, sodium carbonate, fruit chain substitute, copper acetate intelligent temperature control, white dielectric capacitor, boron nitride, electric coupling manufacturer, Touan hot distillate oil, fluoroboric acid, high-temperature new la, potato splashing oil, Baoli hf alkali, edible starch, titanium dioxide, 73 food grade white oil, vegetable oil, commercially available amino acid, vitamin antioxidant, meal substitute, mineral oil dyeing agent Brightener cosmetics have a high cost-effectiveness GMP for chemicals used in printing; Pharmacopoeia: Stable and cost-effective aquatic products with waterproof, moisture-proof, and antifreeze properties. Food with a healthier certification date of 312 cp ± 15 and a length of tens of thousands

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