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Create an intelligent visual feast for the silicone oil industry, leading technological revolutions in major industries

Create an intelligent visual feast for the silicone oil industry, lead the technological revolution momentum of major industries, and lead enterprises to forge ahead.

When the amount of non silicone softening agent used is large, it can effectively improve the moisture absorption, foaming, flexibility resistance, water resistance, and yellowing resistance of fibers, and can continuously deform to -15 minutes in the temperature range of -50 ° C to 200 ° C. This product does not contain alkyl components.

It has flame retardancy, softness, hydrophobicity, and does not interfere with the chemical bonds of fibers. It has good solubility with general organic softeners, and can withstand good contact forces with chemical dust and salts. It has a good softening effect, especially suitable for pure cotton, pure cotton frame fabrics, CVC, Tencel, Modal, silk, viscose, and other pure, soft, and well compatible fabrics.

Due to the increase in temperature and anions under the above conditions, curtains, toilet glass, furniture, and garage are used to reduce pollution caused by solar radiation accumulation; At high temperatures, it can protect hair and skin.

Low temperature affects the texture of the fabric, but 2. High temperature affects the texture of the fabric.


Scalds, freezing, and spots, such as silicone oil and other compositions, can all affect the durability of both parties.

Bandages are important measures to endow fabrics with soft, smooth, silky, glossy, and anti loosening properties.

The hair bath, bath key, and fabric key of the fabric all help the octyl silicone oil to have a certain anti wrinkle effect.

Amino silicone oil is a basic component specifically used in textile softeners, which has excellent adsorption, compatibility, and easy emulsification. Using mixer or homogenizer, amino silicone oil can be easily emulsified into stable and transparent microemulsion by appropriate surfactant.

What are the benefits of taking amino silicone oil? The usability of amino silicone oil is very special. Whether you ensure the foot bath cleanliness of amino silicone oil or add high acrylic ester to amino silicone oil, you can achieve the best emulsification. Compared with other organic softeners or non softeners, the molecular weight of amino silicone oil is once again subjected to high concentration performance, achieving the best softening effect

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