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Classification and Introduction of Silicone Oil Containers

Regarding the classification of silicone oil containers and the introduction of ethylene FC paint silicone oil Dow Corning Methyl Silicone Oil Company.

Resist bad car air filters. Original title: Paint defoamers for the manufacturing of building materials industry. The cost of using defoamers for water-based coatings is low, and they are suitable for various daily chemical products with low pH values. Sales in the paint industry: mainly engaged in silicone oil, gas process additives, silicone oil, water-soluble silicone oil, 107, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, food defoamers, industrial defoamers, sewage treatment defoamers, rubber anti caking agents, adhesives, metal cutting fluids, cleaning agents, cooling fluids, abrasive agents and other industries. Overall, new products: directly supplied from abroad. Quotation: Peranya, Jikang, Hanye, Tianjin 255, Shaanxi Automobile, Jipeng, Shaanxi Automobile, Shaanxi Distillation, Labor, spot supply.

silicone oil 350cst

At present, domestic high-end coatings, engineering plastics, color masterbatches, engineering plastics, various functional masterbatches, compounding agents, pigment additive dispersants assist in film formation. Is there still a balance between quality and after-sales service? About the difference, one is the main competitors. As long as we have strong competitive strength, we will spare no effort to improve our technical level, which can only serve as a development pole for the company. However, our application capabilities are not limited, and we only need to bear the cost of this product to replace other products without increasing our costs.

Additives: paint additives, coating additives, selection of water-based paint additives, resins, solvents, additives, pigments, anti mold pigments, defoamers, mica powder, solvents, dispersants, defoamers, organic solvents, alkyd resins, coloring pigments, rosin resins, additives, curing agents, organic solvents, in organic pigments, filler additives, solvents, modification additives, solvent based additives and additives, defoamers, Silicone Defoamer, polyether defoamers Fatty alcohol polyether defoamer, coating aids (plasticizers, dispersants, leveling agents, surfactants, enhancers, wetting agents), coating aids, ink aids, printing aids, MDI aids, two component long-term aids, series defoamers, coating aids, organic silicon defoamers, polyether defoamers, engineering plastic defoamers, coating aids, water-based coating aids, anti stick aids, daily chemical washing surfactants, industrial cleaning agents Thermal insulation coatings, building coating additives, automotive lubricants, general coating additives, etc.

● Determine dosage: Depending on temperature, the dosage is between 02% and 0%.

Service is the axis, customer needs are the starting point, products are the process, and overall solutions are the end.

After sales service: Product support on-site acceptance, product quality issues, unconditional returns and exchanges. Regular effectiveness follow-up

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