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Answers to several major questions about the export of rutile titanium dioxide powder

Answers to several major questions about the export of rutile titanium dioxide. Latest information sharing and information on the cleaning plan of Yunnan Chongqing titanium dioxide after changes.

Nano titanium dioxide is a type of weather resistant anatase titanium dioxide that is suitable for most application fields and is a very popular type of rutile titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is not only used as an excellent inorganic surface.

Heldal Fannengtuo Titanium Dioxide R-930 has a wide range of high dispersion titanium dioxide MR (60%) in the industry.

Titanium Dioxide

Zibo resin masterbatch production process materials have advanced technology, as well as comprehensive advantages such as advanced production process, good product quality, and stable quality. The production process and products of Zibo resin color masterbatch are developed with thousand level technology, and customers have a close relationship with specific needs. As a titanium dioxide powder that can quickly and persistently, pure, and super extend its service life, this product can be directly used in various application fields. If you really think we need to use titanium dioxide powder.

The initial powder of Fujian Lide pink white pigment is in the form of flakes, with regular shapes and no edges. Using thin and easily yellowing paper packaging, when making customer selections, it is necessary to wipe the brightener and block the light, otherwise the clean paper surface will be damaged. It is worth noting that Anhui Lidefen is first soluble in water and contains the ingredients of a water washing agent Jiangsu Lidefen.

[Performance characteristics] As a wetting agent, it has the function of acid removing calcium ions and developing. Increase the pH value of the drug and select energy consumption to avoid being affected by chemical structures such as dripping, acidity, and alkalinity

[Technical Content] As a wetting agent, there is a specialized equipment for corrugated paper clay friction pigment paste. Provide water molecules that match it and are suitable as depolymerizing agents. Prevent the construction of epoxy floor paint from being affected by weather.

[Cost performance] As a wetting agent, it provides good dispersion pigments, color mixing power, and suspension performance for testing. After testing, our company can supply large quantities of vegetable oil. Wax, emulsifier, high moisture hydraulic oil, antifreeze, boiler water main engine oil, etc. are subject to load. Users only need 0~02g/L, and the storage temperature is -5 ° C~70 ° C to avoid affecting the use effect

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