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All you want to know about silicone oil is here

All you want to know about silicone oil is here, how can we utilize these products.

What is the basic plastic track used for the plastic track? Plastic runway is a rectangular shopping mall floor material for all-weather sports. It is an economical and beautiful road landscape material made of plastic as a commodity.

Plastic basketball court features: Plastic basketball courts are suitable for the grassroots and bottom layers of professional sports ground systems and art pieces such as basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, etc.

Silicon PU Stadium Characteristics Silicon PU Stadium Material: Suitable for office facilities, kindergartens, entertainment venues, parks, and other facilities, used for indoor and outdoor fitness and sports venues. It is divided into: substrate, asphalt pavement, thick slurry pavement, cement pavement, asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, concrete pavement grid cement pavement, asphalt pavement, etc.

Release agent: Suitable for various types of plastic sand production and breathable laying methods, such as specialized hydraulic compaction asphalt, concave convex color pressing asphalt, bus station expansion joints, parking lot double sets, bus expansion joints, etc. Rubber runway construction, plastic field tram lane edges, etc. Why use the specialized demolding agent of the pagoda, which has a better and more uniform effect on a regular basis? What is the main time for using the rubber track for a week? Choose a suitable process route for scrap tire sites due to the frequent cost.

Caprylyl Silicone Oil HY-CM021

Silicone oil is non ionic and has a very low surface tension, making it a typical non ionic type. In addition to silicone oil with the aforementioned properties, its hydroxyl hydrophilic groups are arranged and combined one by one. From the perspective of the hydrophilicity of silicone oil, the surface energy of silicone oil is on the liquid ring, making it difficult to synthesize this hydrophilic surfactant. Therefore, the adsorption of hydrophilic groups of silicone oil on the surface of pigments can be hydrophilic amphiphilic to water, but also possess hydroxyl hydrophilic genes.

The hydrophilicity of silicone oil is relatively weak, and its excellent lubrication performance often acts as an excellent lubricant while lubricating; However, the hydrophilicity of hydrophilic silicone oil is not as good as that of water-soluble silicone oil, and the adhesion is relatively flat, so the softness and anti-static performance are relatively poor.

At present, polyether modified silicone oil has been greatly improved by hydroxy silicone oil modification, but the content of types is high, and there are softness and hydrophobicity, resulting in poor hydrophilicity of silicone oil. The disadvantage is the lack of hydrophilic organic silicone softeners; Hydroxyl hydrophilic softener is an organic silicone softener that can form soft adjacent organic silicon after adding hydroxyl hydrophilic groups, playing a role in softening and hydrophobicity, and has a softening and hydrophobicity effect.

Polyether modified silicone oil not only has good hydrophilicity, but once discovered, only a few types of plasticizers can cure. Usually, the plasticizer polyether type plasticizer is not needed for plasticization. After curing, various colors of soft films are formed, with an average particle size of about 80-100nm. Therefore, the chemical properties of this type of softener vary greatly, which is self-evident.

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