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All you want to know about rutile titanium dioxide is here

All you want to know about rutile titanium dioxide powder is here, let’s take a look together.

Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium dioxide, is a value-added white pigment and a white crystalline carrier.

R-218 titanium dioxide is a high-performance titanium dioxide powder with a dense zirconium, aluminum inorganic coating, and special organic treatment on its surface. The product design goal is strict, and it has good surface hardness and airtightness of the paint film, excellent dispersibility, high gloss, and refractive index through SGS comprehensive control. It has the function of scattering ultraviolet light, and strict physical and mechanical properties.

What is the price of R-218 titanium dioxide, which is highly contested by the United States, with a price range of 360 yuan per degree. If orders are to be increased, it will be 60% reusable titanium dioxide. The core of automotive exhaust emissions is titanium dioxide used for fiber paper making, with a large sales volume being produced.

Automotive leather industry: Automotive grade titanium dioxide, Toyota/Audi titanium dioxide, Ishihara Cat, such as Feng Lin/Feng Yanyuan, Demi Fangshan titanium dioxide YX1500, Jianshuo JHB1500, etc. Production grade high-performance industrial grade titanium dioxide YX3132.


According to the application field, other fireworks materials specifically for fireworks and firecrackers are added: mica, wax, plant-based, etc.

Due to the fine physical properties of organic pigments, plastics have the ability to turn yellow in color. Organic pigments of various colors may turn yellow, and yellow, orange, red, and purple are prone to turning yellow.

For four color plastics, some plastics may have different tones, but their color, brightness, saturation, etc. are higher than those of two color plastics, and the color of the masterbatch is lighter.

For small amounts of pigment added to solve the problem, if the dispersibility of the pigment is not good, the same dispersant can be used to achieve the dispersibility of the pigment.

For stable dispersants, some pigments will degrade. These pigments are insoluble in water and will disperse into flocs, while the color masterbatch is insoluble in water. Due to its high mobility, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and dosage to reduce its mobility.

At present, some defoamers on the market have a low nitrogen content, so they cannot be recycled. It needs to be adjusted and improved. If the nitrogen content of the color masterbatch is too high, it can be considered for recycling or reuse. Then, it can be supplemented with a recycled “supplement solution”. If the nitrogen content of the color masterbatch is not enough, the investigation can be stopped. If the quality of the color masterbatch is not good enough, it may be because some foods cannot be recycled.

You can also ask more manufacturers and brands that use color masterbatches Understanding: To be a legitimate defoamer manufacturer, it is important to know which brands of defoamers have stable stability, and the most important thing is to cultivate professional defoamer capabilities. So it is important to determine whether the defoamer is suitable for oneself or what consumers choose. Only by choosing legitimate defoamer products and choosing legitimate defoamer brands is a better choice.

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