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All you want to know about pigment paste is here

All you want to know about pigment paste is here, so welcome everyone to come and take a look at Xuyang editor, our customers with learning characteristics.

Today, Xu Yang’s editor will provide us with a month’s worth of relevant knowledge, and we are preparing for everyone without any reduction.

Organic Pigments

Regarding coloring materials, they refer to various pigments produced by Xuyang Company. In each case, the colors required for the raw materials of the pigments after color mixing, including various colors illuminated by sunlight. You can list that each color of the pigment can be maintained for a long time, and you can follow our chemical theory to create a stable, healthy, and no special packaging.

What is the composition of ink? Today, let’s carefully review the so-called solvent pigment paste. 1. Water-based ink: Water-based ink is composed of pigments, connectors, and additives, invented to improve the performance and drying performance of ink. The use of water-based ink involves the addition of natural ingredients.

The malfunction of the sealant screen printing equipment is still a problem with ordinary sealant screen printing. The key is that you should know that the cause of the problem needs to be analyzed from several aspects. (1) Stereoscopic feeling.

Water-based ink is a uniform paste substance composed of binders, pigments, additives, and other substances. The binder provides the necessary transfer performance of the ink, while the pigment gives the ink color. The binder for water-based inks is mainly divided into two types: water dilution type and water dispersion type.

The viscosity of water-based ink is influenced by two scientific factors. One is flow, and the other is lower viscosity. Consider these factors to improve the chemical properties of water. For example, improving the drying performance of ink, controlling viscosity and drying speed, improving the drying speed of ink, or printing performance.

Problem 1: Due to the differences in environmental protection, health, and the environment, environmentally friendly paint has become the focus of modern people’s attention. With the increasingly strict environmental regulations and severe environmental toxicity risks such as air pollution, corresponding measures have been taken to reduce the toxicity pressure of paint, providing a scientific development space for public additives.

3: The strict product design and production process of paint suppliers have led to a large sales channel for their products, which has been unanimously recognized by many customers and friends. Good coatings require high technical content and reliable product quality, ensuring that all products meet the EU ROHS and Japan’s largest requirements, as well as strict production standards (such as RoHS).

4: Solve various problems and breakthrough technical barriers in the production process of paint products in China, and provide a rapid goal to achieve this goal.

6: Check for foaming: 1. Silicone oil: As a thickener suspension agent, it can not only enhance the surface tension of powder coatings, but also reduce the viscosity of the substrate. With the development of molecular classification, the use of silicone oil has become more widespread, and there are many classification methods available in the market. The commonly used classification methods are as follows.

● Stir: use clean aqueous solution, first mix the paint with water evenly, then add clear water with viscosity ≤ 1%, and then add resin or pigment after standing for a period of time. The speed of the lotion surface and the sewing thread of the product should be reduced to a certain extent, so as not to affect the effect of the next process.

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