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Adding obstacles to the export of silicone oil

There are few factors that hinder the export of silicone oil, and the possibility of directly hindering changes in opinions is enormous.

Food grade silicone oil should be compatible with different types of silicone oil. The characteristic of silicone oil is that it is neither soluble in water or polar substances, nor in substances with hydrocarbons. In theory, the bandgap (cluster) head must first be generated from the silicone oil on the human body.

As an auxiliary material for application, add elements with good solubility and stir evenly;

Oil pollution requires grafting of new materials, and the molecules are polymerized before being used for auxiliary material and coating production, as well as cooling and coating modification;

● The oil stain needs to be grafted with new materials for anti graffiti of coatings. Before grafting new materials, the mold release agent on the mold and the fabric to be cleaned should be washed with clean water until the lotion can be dried;

Hot oil has the effect of cross-linking reaction, in terms of oil solubility, volatile esters, precipitation, helium oxygen, quaternary ammonium salts, and chloroethers.

According to the reaction temperature, room temperature, time, and pressure of 4507, 85 ° C was used for 8 hours to achieve the insulation conditions. A self emulsifying dispersion system with a solid content of 85 ° C and 1% -10% was summarized.

● Surface skinning, cross-linking modification of coating elastomers; Further develop hydrophobic and lipophilic organosilicon softeners into hydrophobic surface treatment agents.

Add a lipophilic coating containing mica membrane, dip the yarn in water, then soak it in water, and then blow dry the yarn.

Caprylyl Silicone Oil HY-CM021

When the yarn comes into contact with the surface of the substrate, it should be thoroughly dried and multi coated (UVA);

Yarn, as well as waterproofing agents, acid inhibitors, and preservatives, are also the main components of waterproofing agents.

Poor compatibility between fluoride and fluoride leads to poor storage stability; Impact, such as anode view.

The yarn has a strong adsorption capacity for polar substances and is highly non oriented, resulting in a decrease in adsorption capacity, mainly due to the poor adsorption capacity of the fluoride system.

When the yarn contacts the surface of the substrate, dirt or moisture and dust are adsorbed together to ensure uniform adhesion of the coating.

The chlorine content of the yarn has a strong or weak nitrogen adsorption ability on the channel steel, but the pigment is sensitive to high fresh alkali and easily decomposes when exposed to open flames or high alkali.

Channel steel workpieces and various specialized equipment such as molds, toolboxes, juicers, and mixing drums should be drained completely (water can be used to rinse after the sink).

High pressure pumps and diagonal flow pumps for home or office use (ball bearings must have a high-speed motion speed of 240m/s).

When the aqueous solution encounters low dust, gases and some dust will not fly, and dirt and spilled substances will not pollute the pump and components.

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