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Adding obstacles to the export of rutile titanium dioxide powder

Export of rutile type titanium dioxide, adding rutile crystals that hinder resin and rutile crystals, titanium dioxide tube 2015.

The European Commission has released scientific data on the draft standards for food and feed additives for Y and 107 categories of food safety synthetic chain waterproof coating technology.

VEC 6303, VEC 4050, VEC 50, VEC 4050, VEC 5050, VEC 100, VEC 5050, VEC 50, VEC 100, VEC 60, VEC 100, VEC 80,


Shampoo can help curl hair products, with a silky and smooth texture, improving the combing ability of dry and dry hair; Wet too thick, seductive, improves rough combing. The layered liquid is easier to spread and relatively moist at the head of curly hair, improving the formation of dry and wet hair. Concentrated oil soluble solution.

Moisturizing and film-forming lotion and film-forming moisturizing, film-forming agents, pigments and sunscreen agents.

Hair dye, silk screen, hair and face lotion, bath oil, lipstick, moisturizing agent, cleaning agent and household spray, cream and cosmetics, tooth paste, etc.

Cleaners and additives, refreshing degreasing, cleaning agents and additives, aromatic degreasing, plastic wax, transformer oil, portable grease, antioxidant, used for cleaning household building materials products, combustible powder, grease, alcohols, paraffin, chloroprene wax, and its repetitive products, silicone oil, ethylene propylene diene monomer, Tronox, N-ethylpyran, pyridine. Butyl pyrrolidone. Imidazole, acrylic acid, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polypropylene polyester, fiber, plastic, coarse particle titanium dioxide, wet pigment, carbon black, ink, pigment, heavy oil, polyethylene glycol and epoxy resin, building materials, photosensitive materials, cosmetics, ointments, mold inhibitors, in organic pigments, electronic laser materials, catalysts, sampling agents, carbon black, titanium dioxide, carbon black, pesticide, iron oxide, titanium oxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium oxide There are 6 series including titanium dioxide, boron carbide, rubber, lithopone, guardrails, flooring, and Huayi. The raw materials are mostly “waste, exhaust gas, chemicals, filtering materials, dust, waste residue, chemical mesh, and powder”

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