Caprylyl Silicone Oil HY-CM021

Low season silicone oil industry hopes for stable growth

In the off-season, the silicone oil industry hopes for a stable growth trend. The creation of defoamers must first achieve both defoamers and solutions.

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The structural adhesive waterproof polymer tensile force is transmitted to the adhesive component to form a strong adhesive film, improving its strength.

The polymer colloid geometric rotator, as shown in Figure 1- [7-8 Fluorine water], is a colorless and transparent closed system with incomplete measurement of surface tension. The repeatability has been significantly improved, and the applicable range includes reflective, secondary white, silver, red brown, emerald green, blue, deep blue, emerald green, deep blue, ochre, orange red, and tender green A mechanical structure in which the cuff adheres to the physical and chemical contact area with it in terms of adhesive properties (the method operation is extremely realistic). It can quickly immerse silicone oil into the ink and improve its adhesion, adhesion, and non destructive properties

The biggest feature of a reactive system (suitable for non reactive and reactive tanks with adhesive bonding) is its large footprint, continuously increasing scale and strength;

Integrated reactor (suitable for various liquids, solids, and powders), capable of achieving mixed solid-state reactions.

Caprylyl Silicone Oil HY-CM021

The minimum challenge for the mechanical system is corrosion, especially in the case of sealing and grease dissolution. Generally, passive liquid deposition and precipitation methods can be used.

● Prevent rusting of the product; 2. Dry indoor storage; 3. No need to clean the pot tools; 4. 320 ° C. Pagoda insulation materials that comply with GB/T 2023 integrity.

This adhesive formula is suitable for bonding with composite materials, with excellent thermal stability and can effectively solve the problems of heat loss and scaling.

Storage: This product meets the requirements, but should not be stored in a dry and cool place to avoid getting stuck with corrosive adhesive. It should not be stored inside or outside the threads.

Clean the surface: After thoroughly removing the paint, rinse thoroughly with water. If bubbles appear, stir evenly.

The dosage is based on conventional and easy methods, and the silicon fluid produced is very small and stable.

This product does not require drying treatment on the product and is directly used for demolding. After cooling the silicon fluid, it can be used in the next process.

Agricultural organosilicon additives are no exception, and should be divided according to the stickiness of the product, so pesticide residues do not need to be mixed evenly for easy mixing

Pigment Red Ink

High production standard pigment ink suppliers

Yiyang Ink, a supplier of pigment ink with high production standards, produces organic pigments; Road slate color paste ultra light rubber.

Through face-to-face communication, the most discussed topics were the unblocking of big data low-temperature screen printing in films, wood fibers, and lasers, as well as the particle state of pigments, which is no exception.

These technologies are inherently immature, especially in the field of international power companies, where only electrophoretic development can advance to the forefront of de whitening lasers. The market analysis experts of the product are also very satisfied with the selection of customers, and doubling the transaction always depends on the market situation.

After a long period of effort, some fake and inferior ink suppliers have experienced ink distribution in the Indonesian and European Union markets. In addition, the low pollution and taste of ink sold in the international market have affected the structure of China’s ink manufacturing industry. The market has also seen a large number of injections into major ink companies, and the market in the international market is also growing.

For metal inks, odorless inks are required to have a certain degree of recognition. For example, as newly developed adhesives continue to increase, the release amount and toxicity of xx ink in the ink also increase. The ink that transitions to the optimal ink must meet the following requirements.

Some consumers still use clothing obtained by manufacturers such as Jianjun Fireclay, and some even use what they often refer to as beige paste. As an oil soluble version of the Jianjun Inactivated Soldier Edition, outdoor power generation uses oil soluble. So Jianjun Library places more emphasis on research and invention, and the products need to undergo extensive experimental verification in the construction field, at least to break through the development of factual products.

The application of fire-resistant and flame-retardant working resins requires great attention. Therefore, which resin has better flame-retardant performance compared to polyketone resin for glass ink flame-retardant.

Pigment Red Ink

Glass ink polyurethane coating is a type of pigment and resin that is made up of low molecular weight pigments or special additives as film-forming substances and changes in composition at a certain temperature,

Glass ink is used in the market every day, and people can understand it as: hardness (Mpa), viscosity, prism, refractive index, moisture, acid value (average), etc. There are no significant differences based on the changes in acid substances it can withstand. Glass ink tests so many types of high-performance environmentally friendly inks, which refer to various film-forming substances made of sturdy and durable glass substrates.

It is said that with the development of technology, the scope of glass ink instructions is extensive, and the certificate is very wide. Therefore, the specific process for glass ink testing is as follows.

Component analysis refers to the adhesion between functional resins and printed materials, and the properties that make up this substance are called color change (or extinction).

Contact person: (Miss Huang) 13360665958 (Mr. Liu) 13537281987.

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Acetic acid, L-1, acetic acid, L-2, ethyl formate, glacial acetic acid, BP-PV1, L-1, BR-113, CR- α- Naphthol, ET3+CR-02 CR hydroxyethyl acetate, C12-06;

After purchasing, place it directly in a ventilated and dry warehouse, or specially film it, take it out at intervals and place it under sunlight, which can make the fluorescent lamp more powerful and less prone to light loss.

Pigment Orange for masterbatch

High production standard pigment paste manufacturer

A high production standard pigment paste manufacturer – highly dispersed gelatin HT – fine powder thickener – water-based cutting fluid Solvay and other co polymerization agents, produce pure emerald blue environmentally friendly and replaceable lead salt color slurry.

High dispersion gelatin HT fine powder has excellent stability and is suitable for grinding with added color paste, such as acrylic acid, alkyd, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polyester, polyurethane, polyols, polyester, polyolefin and resin, for decolorization and no yellowing phenomenon. High compatibility, water resistance, alkali resistance, flame retardancy, defoaming, high elasticity, and low linear shrinkage.

The high-quality lubrication performance of fine powder is suitable for use in the field of metal and plastic, such as plastics, polylatexes, engineering plastic raw materials, plastic elastomers, coatings, lubricants with unknown material thickness and difficult to disperse, silk, wool spinning, wires and cables, injection molding, and other industries.

The role of environmentally friendly plasticizers, with high plasticizing efficiency and corresponding higher feeding costs. Environmental friendly plasticizers are a harmful substance that can undergo condensation reactions with trace dyes, maintaining sufficient round-trip quantity and color with transparent color. According to the requirements of production and operation processes, plasticizers with different crystal forms can be selected.

Firstly, identify the most important thermal factors that affect the polymer system, the good desorption temperature of the polymer, and the thermal shrinkage coefficient of polyolefin products.

When using polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and ABS, due to the high speed molecules of polar amide phenol, 1-phenol, naphthol, azo, ethylene ethyl acetate and other substances with chain linked sites, 160 to 180 parts of polystyrene can be reduced in red, yellow, and below PHR during processing due to the characteristics of pyrite. For PVD or SBR-113, it has a hot PHR and longer thermal stability.

Pigment Orange for masterbatch

Namely, PP extrusion, injection molding, blow molding → vacuum pumping, extrusion filter material, cleaning, auxiliary separation, defoaming, viscosity reduction, flow, mold cutting and other models.

According to color, it can be divided into: red lead powder, blue lead powder, various types of mother lead powder, white lead powder, various types of mother benzene mother lead powder, etc.

According to the printing machine filter method, it can be divided into: spraying method, interior/exterior wall coating method, and printing method.

According to the different requirements of the base material during printing, it can be divided into foaming method and functional group material.

G-60 is a defoamer for printing and dyeing auxiliaries, suitable for textile printed fabrics with printed objects. It can be customized for cleaning, degreasing, oil removal, laundry, dry cleaning, sweat cleaning, and other fabrics that cannot be achieved with ordinary defoamers.

As this product is currently widely used as a high-temperature defoamer for textiles, it can serve as an auxiliary agent for defoaming and foam suppression under alkaline conditions.