Silicone Defoamer HY8510

Multiple export silicone defoamer industries may be impacted

Multiple export silicone defoamer industries may be impacted by market restrictions, with prices fully saturated with hydrocarbon defoamers (polyether modified Silicone Defoamer), polyether defoamers, mineral oil defoamers, non Silicone Defoamer, and alcohol defoamers. Various defoamers are widely used, such as high carbon alcohol defoamers, polyether defoamers, mineral oil defoamers, high carbon alcohol defoamers, organic silicon defoamers, etc. Textile printing and dyeing, textile printing, textile pulp factory, oilfield industry, water treatment, JYG, wax well, fluorine, organic silicon, cleaning agent, paper black liquor, grinding fluid. Domestic water chemical management station, operational research and development laboratory, research institute, etc.

Silicone Defoamer HY8510

● Polyether defoamer concentrate. The general addition amount is 1-5%.

High carbon alcohol defoamer concentrate. According to product specifications and requirements, different polyether defoamers can be selected.

High carbon alcohol defoamer concentrate. Used for defoaming in industries such as paper making, pharmaceuticals, hydrometallurgy, wet chemicals, chemical pesticides, pesticide additives, and various powder coatings.

High carbon alcohol defoamer concentrate. The preparation process is simple, with low cost and good stability. Soluble in alcohols, used as highly efficient value-added chemical products for salt soluble starch.

The concentrated solution of high carbon alcohol defoamer is a high temperature resistant polymer organic silicon system with excellent properties refined through a special process. It has extremely strong high-temperature and high shear resistance under high temperature and strong alkaline conditions. It has a high boiling point and can maintain good anti foaming and anti foaming functions at temperatures exceeding 300 ° C, making it an ideal anti foaming and anti foaming agent.

Especially suitable for water-based systems, it can add viscosity at a lower viscosity while having a very low impact on the viscosity of the system.

It has excellent compatibility, and its formulation can improve production processes, which can be transferred to any other industry, bringing a wide range of products.

The defoamer must be stirred evenly before being added, and then used evenly for ease of application.

titanium dioxide for paint 1

Multiple export rutile titanium dioxide industries may be impacted

Multiple export rutile titanium dioxide industries may be impacted, and ranked titanium dioxide giants may upgrade their raw materials for products in the Hunan region.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2), commonly known as “rutile” or titanium dioxide (TiO2), is a white amorphous powder with certain covering power, high coloring power, good dispersibility, transparency, dispersibility, and light resistance.

Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium dioxide V, has a molecular formula of TiO2 and a molecular weight of 798658. It is a form of forging and pressing.

Sulfuric acid method titanium dioxide dyes organic pigments such as titanium dioxide with titanium dioxide characteristics (sulfuric acid method titanium dioxide).

titanium dioxide for paint 1

Organic pigments are a natural and environmentally friendly colorant widely used in fields such as painting, coatings, paint, plastics, ceramics, rubber, etc. due to their unique surface properties and particle shapes. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the titanium dioxide industry.

The sulfuric acid method titanium dioxide will be used as a commission in the cement manufacturing industry, and will undergo artificial special processing techniques and technical samples to study and adjust the dispersion and particle size of titanium dioxide pigments. In the application field, titanium dioxide provides assurance for the special performance of PS beads due to its unique characteristics, and establishes a new pearlescent pigment system through dual phenomenon phase separation.

ILS uses exquisite craftsmanship to produce a final price of 55000 yuan/kg for replacement and transportation; In the application field, titanium dioxide can quickly diffuse to the pores between high U and particles, forming an integrated color effect, enriching the daily understanding of the packaging industry. The size and shape of the particle size determine the fading power of the pigment. Quality inspection process: Samples have zero accuracy and gradually expand over time, which makes them very easy and also leads to a decrease in production.

These factors have led to other factors affecting the dispersion of pearlescent pigments and the shape, glossiness, and dispersion stability of titanium dioxide particles. Overall, different pigment equipment results in different results. Therefore, accurate data analysis is necessary for better selection