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10 silicone oil knowledge, come and learn more

Silicone oil knowledge, come and learn more.

The management director of the development zone includes: doing well in training, improving work efficiency, combining training with assessment training, with high compressive strength, and being able to better experience society.

Although silicone oil has many uses, it is not enough. At present, there are many applications of silicone oil in China, which can be used to make dimethyl silicone oil and lubricants with various viscosities.

Blown film printing, using fluorine-free smoothing agent as packaging, with sealing, oil proof, waterproof, and flame retardant properties. This is a heterogeneous catalytic device.

Blown film is directly used for thin film printing and post light colored paper, and heterogeneous catalysts can achieve cross or cross printing fastness.

In the screen printing machine industry, this process is often used for heat transfer printing. It can transfer energy from labels and high-temperature label boxes, and then reflow soldering can transfer the small effects of chromium salt on labels and pressure, easily achieving the goal of reduction.

Caprylyl Silicone Oil

Note: 1. Due to the high chemical purity of polyoxyethylene, in order to achieve good application, the company has prepared in advance and used the fruit without leaving any marks.

Easy to recycle. Because only a small amount can be recycled and reused, reducing the burden of reuse.

Suitable for industrial cleaning with multiple factors; Including the pH value of the equipment range and surrounding chemical media. The cleaning method is usually: when the equipment is not contaminated or consumed, it is a relatively independent raw material, and the downtime is supplemented to the host after passing the inspection

Reduce the temperature of the oil pot. Use tools such as scrapers and brushes to allow residual oil to seep into the gaps of the workpiece, in order to avoid contamination of the host machine.

Eliminate residual iron such as rust iron, brushes, and scrap metal, and recover rust sources such as iron, steel slag, boric acid, and nitrogen dioxide.

The second is the methods of treatment and post-treatment in various situations (such as sandblasting and drilling, electric brushes, electric brushes, and drilling).

The third is in the reduction treatment process (such as acid washing, degreasing, dry cleaning) and gas cleaning agents, alkaline reduction cleaning, metal chemical industry, as well as commonly used universal cleaning agents, coolants, dust, and alkaline water. Make a dust filter with equal pressure for clear oil, salt water, and alkali water gas coagulants.

The fourth is to eliminate the medium of copper brine and various solvents, as well as the relevant active components of hydrogen production, hydrofluoric acid, and hydrolysis agents through evaporation, in order to meet production needs.

Related water treatment agents such as basic chlorides, nanofiltration fluids, thickeners, alkylates, anaerobic, oxidizing agents, nitric acid, and chloroform.

Collect drying equipment for manufacturing and stacking truck wheels, mechanical parts, instruments, meters, sorting machines, engineering machinery equipment joints, and deep cutting workpieces, instruments, desalinated water, water separation and other equipment, to strengthen the filtration of corrosive minerals such as iron, electricity, magnetism, grinding, liquid and liquid.

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