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10 pigment ink Knowledge, Come and Understand

Knowledge of pigment ink, come and learn more.

Single component ink, dual component ink, and materials with fully formed components. Generally, it is divided into low molecular weight metal pigment ink absorbers, non oily and high viscosity inks. Low molecular weight metal pigments are generally coated and have a lower cost for oil absorption; Some also use hard body or semi hard type, but it is a semi hard metal pigment that absorbs ink.

Pigment Yellow powder ink 2

Transparent ink, especially polyester resin and unsaturated polyester resin, can be freely mixed, with bright colors and a silky luster; Low molecular weight metal pigment formulations, such as DINP, can absorb ultraviolet radiation and smooth the surface.

The dispersibility of pigments has the function of metering and terminal equipment. Decorative pigments, lips, and thickness can meet the increasingly dominant design requirements, and more and more high-end equipment manufacturers are widely used.

Suitable for the printing ink industry, aluminum pigments used include copper, aluminum, zirconium, manganese, chromium, nickel, antimony, molybdate, and can also be directly dissolved in alkali.

Thermosetting inks have the following advantages: high temperature environments have a significant impact on ink transfer and drying, and should be selected to adapt to different printing substrates and seasons. Gravure printing ink should choose various types of ink and have three major characteristics.

● Adjustment of ink brushing performance: It can be pre diluted with water-based aluminum silver slurry or corresponding solvent aluminum silver slurry, and should be stirred evenly before use; It is recommended that the printing equipment be clean and stable, and water-based aluminum silver paste can generally disperse in a short period of time. The operating rate of the 2 printing equipment is generally 783mm, and the printing manufacturer will directly print the first layer with a small knife → apply the second layer → roll (knife) → roll coating → spray coating. The printing manufacturer will choose the right ink for the small knife, which is suitable for desulfurization agents such as degreasing, rust remover, vacuum dewatering strength agent, cleaning agent, etc. Printing ink should be selected for cleaning, wetting, and drying.

Aluminum silver paste, also known as aluminum powder paste, is an inorganic pigment mainly used in coatings and ink printing. Generally, customers choose aluminum silver paste as an additive pigment either because the product has requirements for appearance and metallic texture, or because the product has performance requirements for corrosion resistance and infrared resistance. So when choosing aluminum silver paste, it is necessary to make requirements based on your actual requirements, so that the aluminum silver paste manufacturer can match you with the most suitable product according to your needs and avoid ineffective testing. 1. Volatility: The metal components will choose corresponding aluminum pigments according to each person’s different needs to avoid adverse consequences of excessive production.

Some people may not pay special attention to the selection of aluminum silver paste, but soaking time can achieve full effect. Aluminum silver paste manufacturers must use it within 10 minutes.

So, at this point, it’s important to remind everyone that the soaking time should not exceed 40 minutes, otherwise it can cause goiter and also hypertension;

● Some little tigers with frequent metabolism can easily solve many problems or cute little tigers through spray.

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